A pearl for 30 years | Anita's pearl ring

Representing strength and eternity, pearls are the traditional symbol for those celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. With a love for the ocean, this tied in perfectly for Anita and her husband who were looking to create a special piece to commemorate their 30 years together.

Bespoke and custom anniversary Rose Gold ring by RUUSK jewellery

Why did you decide to create your special piece with RUUSK?

Malcolm and I were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year and pearl is the traditional gift. I loved the idea of a pearl ring so Malcolm went about sourcing this.  

Morgan (my daughter) said you were the best jewellery designer for us to go to. Morgan was right as everything about the ring you created is special and significant. 

RUUSK custom gold pearl ring.

What do you love about your ring?

I love that you collaborated with Malcolm to design the ring. You also recognised my love of the ocean and found a way of including that into the design.

RUUSK handmade gold pearl ring. 30th wedding anniversary gift.

Having been married for 30 years, do you have any advice for other couples?

When it comes to marriage, there is no manual, you learn as you go! Respecting, loving, caring and listening are a few of the things that I think are important in every relationship. Being there for your partner and having a partner who is there for you when life is difficult is equally important. I am lucky to have married someone who loves me unconditionally, has always been encouraging, supportive and challenges me to be to believe in myself and to have confidence. He is my soulmate.

RUUSK custom wedding anniversary gift. Gold pearl ring.

Bespoke Pearl Rose Gold ring by RUUSK, personalised and custom jewellery

Bespoke RUUSK Rose Gold pearl ring

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