Golden Heart pendants Ruusk jewellery
This month is an exciting one for us in the RUUSK studio, Summer is on its way, Tania is turning 30 and we’ve introduced some very special new pieces to the collection inspired by all the golden souls and golden hearts around us. We’re feeling festive, appreciative and nostalgic all at once! 
So, to honour and show your appreciation for all the golden-hearted people around you we’ve come up with 10 ways to celebrate those very special people in your world.
No gesture is too small when done with gratitude - Oprah Winfrey
  1. Whether it’s veggies, herbs, milk, bread, flour or eggs picked from your garden or bought from the local supermarket, making sure your loved one has a fully stocked kitchen is a great way to show you’re thinking of them
  3. Surprise your loved one with some flowers or a plant (we love a cacti) for no reason at all! You can even freshly pick some flowers from your own garden for a personalised touch
  5. Showing your appreciation doesn’t have to be expensive, drop in, send or leave hand written notes around for those special people in your life. You can even be really creative and write these on an artwork or card made by you which represents your love for them
  7. Text, email, snap, insta a friend a very old photo of the both of you that you know will bring a smile to their face
  9. Bake something delicious and personally deliver it to your loved one. It could be cake, afternoon treats,  bread or even a ready-made meal
  11. It sounds simple because it is, call that someone you have been meaning to call
  13. For the more practically minded, offer to complete some errands. You could babysit, wash a car, clean the house, do a little or as much as you can squeeze in
  15. If your loved one is currently isolating, drop off some bubblebath, a face mask, a candle or make a playlist. Any small gesture to help them indulge in a time out
  17. Loan a book to a friend and include a handwritten note as to why you think they might enjoy it. Then best of all, set aside some time to discuss the book once they've finished reading it
  19. We all love a bit of pampering and if your golden-hearted companion doesn't have much time, pay to have their hair blown out, nails done or get a quick massage. Even better, you could do it for them! 

    We would love to see all the beautiful and creative ways you show your appreciation to the golden-hearted souls in your world. So please tag #foryourheartofgold to share your golden gestures! 

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