A Pearl Creation

Last winter, on a drive from Perth to Broome, Imby and her family stopped in magical, remote part of the world where the oldest Australian owned Pearl farm is hidden. After 200 kms of unsealed, red dirt road, the family was welcomed into the universe of pearls.

“This tin shed at the end of a remote bush track was an amazing, intricate, world renowned cultured pearl farm with three generations of family history attached. We saw where the Mother of Pearl oyster shells are washed clean with the tropical high tides and learned about how the pearl is nurtured and forms. Such an amazing process." 

“We then saw a shell opened in front of us, straight from the Bay and the pearl meat sliced to reveal a beautiful pearl inside.”

Imby's bespoke RUUSK Pearl Cuff

One particular pearl caught her eye later in a local shop: a stunning Baroque Pearl with an organically uneven texture. This became the centrepiece for a stunning RUUSK commission piece and now sits proudly on Imby’s wrist as a forever memory of the trip.

“The piece created for me is a reminder of a time we entered a region of our country where ‘things’ became unimportant and the sheer vastness and grandeur of Mother nature took over. It reminds me of the feeling I had up there that there is so many things bigger than us out there and we are privileged to be a part of this land,” Imby says.

Imby worked with Tania, RUUSK’s founder and designer, to create a piece which compliments the unique shape and texture of the pearl. It also compliments her other bespoke RUUSK cuff, crafted to include the gold and diamonds from her grandmother’s wedding ring.

Imby's Bespoke RUUSK Cuff with Australian Pearl

“The first piece RUUSK made for me is very special. I found Tania via Instagram and I wanted to wear my grandmother’s wedding ring that I had inherited when I was 12 years old. It has sat in a safe or drawer for over 30 years. The ring was too large and due to diamond chips surrounding it, not easily resized." 

“Tania and I came up with the idea to incorporate the metal and diamonds of her ring into a cuff. You can see the section that was my grandmother’s ring. Once I got approval from my dad, I was so happy to go ahead knowing I would wear it every day and think of her often.”

Being a maker herself, Imby was determined to wear pieces that reflected her aesthetic, and work with a designer who understands the passion, love and commitment that goes into making bespoke pieces.

Imby's bespoke Heirloom RUUSK White Gold Cuff

“I struggle now to buy from larger manufacturers as I know the thought and care may not always be what I know it will be with a smaller maker. Tania’s aesthetic on instagram first attracted me to her brand but it’s her professional, kind nature and skill that keeps me coming back.

“I love that my three daughters see these pieces on my arm every day and will someday perhaps have them on theirs.”

RUUSK bespoke hand-carved cuffs. Made in Sydney

If you have a something special that you’d like to be made into a bespoke piece, contact RUUSK to create a piece to treasure for a lifetime. 

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