Introducing: The Guardian Necklace

The All-Seeing Eye, or Eye of Providence, is a symbol for protection, guidance and spiritual awakening. It is believed to have been created thousands of years ago, with references to deities like Shiva, a Hindu god with a third eye in the middle of the forehead to represent unlimited knowledge and the destruction of evil when the eye is open. 

Here at RUUSK, inspirations for the Guardian Necklace were drawn from the third eye as a representation of one’s inner eye: a way to be open to greater knowledge, transcending the physical and entering a higher state of perception and being.

The Guardian Necklace is a modern talisman, a symbol of unlimited knowledge, protection, guidance and spiritual awakening. This unique necklace features a hand-carved Golden pod which embraces a beautiful Marquise Australian Sapphire. As no two stones are the same, each necklace will be unique and can be cast in Yellow, Rose or White Gold.

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