Jen's Signet ring

A beautiful Onyx ring found its way into Jen's hands after being passed down through two generations. Timeworn and slightly damaged, Jen reached out to Ruusk to turn her great grandmother's treasure into a signet style ring that could be worn daily and remind her of the amazing women in her family. 

1. What prompted you to have your special Signet ring created?

I was given a ring that was beautiful but was small, ornate, and very old. The claws were broken and the gold band was worn down from years of use. I kept it with me through my travels and always had the intention of getting it fixed to wear it. I decided I wanted to get it re-set in a signet style so that I could wear it every day.

Ruusk Custom Onyx Signet Ring

2. How does your Onyx piece connect to you / your family specifically? See above.

My nana passed away when I was 17 and I was given a beautiful onyx ring. I found out later that it was actually my great grandmother Dawny's ring originally. To me, it's carrying around a little piece of my nana everywhere I go, which is great as she was an amazing woman.

Jen's great grandparents. The original owners of the signet ring.

Left: Grandmother Dawny & Papa | Right: Nana Faye & Grandad Frank   


3. How did you find the experience of creating your own modern heirloom?

I asked permission from my mum first, and she was happy so I went and worked with Tania on a style that would suit me. The process was seamless - apart from me changing which finger I wanted to wear it on! I love it as a signet is still an older style so it looks of the time.

Completed Ruusk custom Onyx signet ring


Thank you Jenna for sharing your story with us and for entrusting us with such a special modern heirloom piece. We absolutely loved creating your bespoke Signet ring for you. 



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