Jessy's Tourmaline Solitaire

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On Christmas Day, Jessy contacted RUUSK to let us know that Age had just proposed. Wanting a solitaire style ring that incorporated their daughter's birthstone, tourmaline, we were absolutely honoured to create a very special piece which celebrates and honours their love for each other and their new baby girl. 

Personalised with laser engraving and featuring a flush-set diamond in the band, we are absolutely thrilled to be sharing Age's and Jessy's beautiful story with you. 

How did you and Age meet?

Age and I first noticed one another at our local bar in Newcastle. We didn’t speak that night but the following night I bumped into him at a friends party and we got chatting. We quickly became best friends and have been inseparable ever since. 

Tell us about your special piece and how does it link to your family?

For us, this ring is a celebration of our family. Our duo becoming a trio and sharing the family name. We welcomed our daughter into the world 5 months ago so it was only befitting that her birth stone is at the heart of the ring’s design. As a nod to tradition, we chose to have a small diamond set in the band. 

What is a favourite memory you have of the three of you together?

It has to be waking up in bed the first morning after we brought Minnie home. We both looked down at this tiny little human nestled between us, both in complete awe and head over heels in love.RUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaHow did you feel when you saw your ring for the first time?

I had an idea of how my ring might look but I was completely taken aback at just how beautiful and delicate it really is! I am forever grateful to Tania and the RUUSK team for helping me create such a special and unique piece. 

What excites you most about life together? And what knowledge and life lessons would you and Age like to pass down to Minnie?

Everyday excites us! Waking up each morning to that chubby little smiling face is just the best feeling! We have so many firsts to look forward to! 

And I feel like we are still figuring things out ourselves! We just hope she will squeeze the joy out of every moment and be kind to animals and the planet.

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