RUUSK Couples: Josh & Laura

A lost night, a chance match, and a puppy was all it took to bring Josh and Laura and ignite a strong love.
In celebration of their recent engagement, the two chatted to RUUSK about how they met, what excites them about married life together, and why they chose RUUSK to create their bespoke engagement ring.

Josh and Laura officially met at their local soccer club one night in 2016 as Josh was collecting an award. However it wasn’t until a while later that Josh invited Laura on their first date: taking his housemate’s three-month-old border collie puppy on a walk.

Years on, and Josh popped the question with a bespoke RUUSK Australian Gold ring featuring a beautiful White Sapphire, created just for Laura.

Laura's bespoke RUUSK white Sapphire engagement ring

The engagement ring, says Laura, suits her perfectly.

“I love everything about it, but mostly the fact that Josh took it upon himself to design it (with Tania's amazing guidance). I love simplicity and the tradition of what an engagement ring symbolises and my ring does both of those things.”

“I honestly find myself admiring it nearly every single day. Everyone's first response when they see it is that it's so me, and it couldn't be truer. It's perfect!”

The two are more than excited to spend the rest of their lives together, from going on new adventures and creating memories, to just spending time in each other’s company.

“Just doing life together is exciting enough! We have goals we want to achieve both individually and as a married couple, but as long as we can live a long, healthy and fun life together we will be more than happy. We both know we want kids one day, that's pretty exciting. Having littler versions of ourselves running around is the ultimate.”

“We sat and tried to think about our "favourite" memory together, and as cliched as it sounds our whole relationship together has been beyond amazing. Every day we are creating memories and we have loved every single one of them.”

For Josh, designing the ring was a unique experience in itself.

“For someone that knew nothing about engagement rings or even the process to go about making one, I walked away from our initial consultation knowing I was going to end up with the most beautiful and perfect ring specially made for Laura.”

RUUSK bespoke White Sapphire engagement ring

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