Vina's Bespoke Engagement ring set

Since falling in love as a teenager with her best friend and now husband, Vina came to RUUSK wanting to create a set of bespoke and modern heirlooms to represent their love for each other. 

RUUSK bespoke modern heirlooms.

(For her engagement ring, Vina chose an 18 carat yellow gold band with a 0.47 carat champagne diamond. And for her wedding band she chose an 18 carat gold band embellished with round and princess cut diamonds and sapphires.)

How did you and Faris meet? Describe him in 3 words

A simple story of meeting through mutual friends. We met when we were still young teenagers (16 years of age) and have been in love with each other ever since. He was my best friend back then and is my best friend now. If I was to describe him in three words it would be hilarious, outgoing and compassionate.

What drew you to choose RUUSK to create your special rings?

The bold but elegant style of rings that Tania makes. I love the play with traditional aesthetics with a contemporary spin.

I love what RUUSK stands for - making rings with intention and mindfulness. I also liked the fact that I was supporting small business and that the rings are handmade. This to me was really important.

RUUSK custom gold wedding and engagement ring.

 How did you find the experience of creating your own modern heirlooms?

Absolutely joyful and exciting. The experience was intimate, slow and thoughtful. We collaborated on a design, starting off with hand sketches, stone selections and progress photos. Tania was always honest with her suggestions and was able to work seamlessly with my ideas, making sure that we designed a ring that was authentically me.

RUUSK modern heirlooms for modern brides.

What do you love most about your rings?

Its simplicity yet complexity as well as the boldness yet subtleness. The champagne diamond choice would be the highlight of my ring. I definitely feel a raw connection to the stone. It shines with a subtleness. At times it expresses deep tones, at other times its fluorescent. But one thing remains, there is always warmth.

RUUSK handmade gold wedding band and engagement ring with champagne diamond.

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