Stacey's Mama Heart & Tiny True North Necklace

Mama Heart Necklace With the launch of our new Celestial Necklaces collection, we are so thrilled to share with you lovely Stacey's personalised Mama Heart & Tiny True North Necklace. 

What inspired this purchase? 
My grandmother, Betty, passed away this year and left me some money to buy something special.  She wore a gold necklace which I loved and I knew that I wanted to purchase a gold necklace, inspired by her but particular to me and my style.  What better than to combine inspiration from her with something that references my two boys, Noah and Arlo.

Ruusk NecklaceLaser Engraved initials on the back of her pendants 

What is the meaning behind the Tanzanite and Ruby? 

Ruby and Tanzanite are my children's birthstones. The large heart pendant with the Ruby represents my eldest son and the small true north pendant with the Tanzanite represents my 'baby'.

Tiny True North Necklace
Personalised birthstones of Ruby & Tanzanite

We crafted this piece in honour of your grandmother Betty and your children/her grandchildren. What piece of wisdom did Betty pass onto you that you would love to pass onto your boys? 

The importance of going your own way but remaining connected to family.  I lived abroad for over a decade and she would regularly write me letters, keeping me connected to home.  

Mama Heart Necklace

Mama Heart Necklace & Additional Tiny True North Pendant 

What's your favourite thing about being a mother to your boys?

I love watching their personalities develop as they get bigger and I really love seeing their absolute confidence in themselves while they're still so young.  I also love that they are enjoying a close and special relationship with their grandparents as I did with mine. 

Tiny True North Necklace

 Tiny True North Necklace

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