When treating your piece with the same care in which it was created, and by following this simple care guide, your new RUUSK piece should last you a lifetime.

Gold is a naturally soft metal and should be treated with special care to avoid damage. Avoid exposure to perfumes, oils and household chemicals. If tarnishing occurs wipe with a jewellery cloth or clean with a suitable cleaning agent. Jewellery should be removed prior to swimming or doing household chores which involve the use of abrasive cleaners or chemicals and when applying lotions, perfumes or make up. 

Diamonds are one of the world's hardest natural materials 
but that doesn't mean they can't chip. Please take care of your ring and be sure not to knock it against other hard materials. Always take great care when doing heavy lifting or manual work, because you may chip your diamond ring or loosen your ring’s setting. It can sometimes also be best to take off your ring when sleeping. 

Please note that wear and tear in the course of normal use is not considered a manufacturing fault. RUUSK Rings are handmade from precious metals that naturally dent or scratch over time as you wear them during your life adventures. This is a normal 'weathering' aspect of all jewellery which I personally adore, however, should you wish to restore your ring's original high polished finish, simply take it to any local jeweller for a polish when you think it's time for a new shine. If your ring has any diamonds or gemstones, I recommend having the setting checked with your local jeweller every 1-2 years as stone settings can loosen over time.