Amie and Shell's Double NYC Proposal

RUUSK custom solid gold engagement rings and wedding bands made to order in Sydney.Amie and Shell's double NYC proposal is a story that we've been eagerly wanting to share, and definitely one that we'll be re-telling for years to come!

Both Amie and Shell who have been longtime clients of ours, came to RUUSK (unbeknownst to each other), both wanting to create special engagement rings for their significant other. Not only that...they also individually wanted to surprise the other and propose on their upcoming Christmas trip to NYC. With such a big secret to keep, we worked with girls individually and  it was such a honour to be able to create such meaningful pieces for them, especially knowing what was going to unfold...

What are your star signs?

Libra and Aries  

Who proposed first?

Amie got in first with a proposal, but only by one day!

Amie, tell us how you proposed to Shell? Where were you? What made you pick that moment?

We had been planning to go overseas for Christmas and eventually decided on New York City for the bucket-list white Christmas we both wanted. Forsaking a big grand gesture, it meant more to me to create an intimate moment to ask her where it was just the two of us.  Our holiday was our Christmas gift to each other but to make it feel a little more festive we agreed to get each other a small surprise to open on Christmas day - a perfect solution to the issue of hiding the ring! 

I set up a decoy present a couple of weeks earlier to make it less obvious and packed both it and the ring wrapped for Shell to open on Christmas morning. We were staying in an adorable apartment in the Meatpacking district and fatefully the owner had put up a small Christmas tree for us perfectly decorated with fairy lights, a single yellow taxi ornament and topped with a glittering unicorn. It was absolutely perfect! I barely slept a wink on Christmas Eve. I had written a short speech before we left that I had trying to memorise up until that day, so at 6am on Christmas morning I was wide awake with excitement and nervous anticipation trying to recite my speech in my head. Shell was fast asleep next to me for what felt like an eternity but eventually she woke up and we put on our tacky Christmas themed pyjamas we had bought specially for the trip and went to open the gifts under the tree. Shell had confessed the night before she didn’t have a gift ready for me to open on Christmas Day (all the while she had ring ready and waiting for her own proposal) so I said it’s okay, you open one and I will open one for us both. 

Sitting on the floor under our little NY Christmas tree directly opposite her, I gave her the other present to open first, which she opened to find a NYC snow globe engraved reading “and so our biggest adventure begins” with the date 25.12.2019. Michelle burst into tears, making my heart temporarily stop with fear, when I asked her what/s wrong and she replied ‘nothing, I’m just happy’ I took a deep breath and nervously asked her if she wanted me to open the other present and she nodded. I fumbled open the wrapping paper to reveal the small white box, looked up at Shell and forgot everything I had prepared to say! I started to give a very jumbled, disjointed and teary version of it and eventually got the the point, opened the box and asked “Will you marry me and share forever with me?” To my relief and pure joy she said yes. In fact she took the ring herself and put it straight on her finger, and then said, “oh wait - you’re supposed to do that!” We both laughed and smiled and kissed to seal the deal. It’s safe to say it was the best Christmas ever.

RUUSK custom solid gold diamond engagement rings made to order in Sydney.

Shell, were you surprised when Amie proposed to you? How did you feel? 

Christmas morning rolled around and Amie was so excited for me to open my present. I opened the snow Globe and read “and so our biggest adventure begins”. I burst into tears.. I think I scared Amie a bit. Until I could catch my breath,I was crying because I was so unbelievably happy as I knew that she was about to ask me to spend my life with her. My heart has never felt like it did in that moment. Amie unwrapped the ring and proposed... I just felt my body flood with joy, tears ran down my face, my heart was so content. 

RUUSK custom solid gold engagement rings and wedding bands made to order in Sydney

And how and where did you eventually propose to Amie?

When thinking of proposing to Amie I had so many grand plans. The plan I had hoped for was that I could propose to Amie in the snow. She had never seen/experienced falling snow before. Knowing I wanted to spend my life with Amie, going forward I just wanted to experience every one of life's firsts with her. I made a plan that, if it didn’t snow before Christmas Eve, I would propose to her then - ironically thinking Christmas was too obvious in case she was onto me. 

When Amie proposed to me on Christmas morning I was so confused and actually nearly out of pure joy got the ring and proposed to her right there and then, but I stopped myself thinking she deserved her day and a surprise of her own. In the morning I took Amie for a walk on the High Line, then we went to Central Park to explore. While walking through Central Park I took us away from the crowds and made Amie jump a fence “for a picture”.  In a grass field in the park I put the ring box up my sleeve while I set the camera up. I came over so confident, knowing what I had planned to say. We posed for a “picture” and I turned to Amie... all of the words I had prepared were gone, I did get out that I loved her and wanted to spend my whole life with her. I got down on one knee and asked Amie to marry me. I can confidently say she was surprised and had no idea that I also had a ring and a RUUSK ring at that. She burst out laughing and said “YES, OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU”.

RUUSK custom solid gold wedding bands and engagement rings made to order in Sydney.

Amie, what did you think when Shell proposed to you and realised you both had been planning to propose to each other on the same trip?

I was in total disbelief and shock when Shell proposed to me on boxing day - she didn’t give anything away! Although in hindsight she was a bit anxious and I did think it was weird that she wasn’t interested in looking at any of the main attractions in Central Park. When she asked me to go and pose for the photo, I was so clueless that I didn’t even realise she was proposing to me until half way through when she dropped down onto one knee and pulled out the ring - I  actually burst out laughing out of pure happiness. I have never smiled so much in my whole life! 

We both found it hilarious that we had been planning to propose on the same trip, and each designed two very similar yet perfectly individual rings from RUUSK.  We remarked about how Tania must have felt keeping our rings a secret from each of us and knowing that both of us were planning to propose. When we finally ran out of laughter, we had to then deliberate about how we were going to announce our second engagement in two days!  All in all it couldn’t have gone better if we had planned it. It seemed tragically romantic but it was no doubt that we were both on the same page and both definitely ready for this huge commitment and next step in our relationship. It showed we are more in sync that we realised!

RUUSK custom solid gold engagement rings made to order in Sydney.

Did either of you have an inkling about any of this?

Amie: I personally had no idea whatsoever that Shell was going to propose to me. Maybe because I was so focused on my own proposal to her and trying to keep it a secret! Even when a friend had joked to me before the holiday “what if Shell is planning to propose as well?” I didn’t consider that was going to happen! Shell is typically terrible a keeping secrets - she is the kind of person who agonises and deliberates and has to talk about everything! I knew that she wanted to get married because naturally as two women we had talked about our dreams and plans for our future together a lot, but she had me tricked into believing that she wanted to buy me a ring that she couldn’t afford it at the time! 

Shell: I had a sneaky suspicion that Amie may propose, knowing me too well she threw me off her tracks though. I was extremely surprised Amie had bought me a RUUSK ring. Probably because I couldn’t believe Tania had pulled off such a surprise with no hint or even slight slip up while she was working with both of us in secret, all the while knowing what each other was planning and working on. I must say I honestly had no idea, when Amie and I could both finally tell each other everything we both laughed thinking about how we both had no idea through the whole process.RUUSK custom solid yellow gold diamond engagement rings made to order in Sydney.

What do you both love about your rings?

Amie: I’m absolutely in love with my ring, I don’t think I could have chosen anything more perfect than what Shell and Tania created. I love the brushed gold finish that makes it feel a little less ‘bling’ and makes the gold a perfect colour to perfectly compliment the warm and rustic tone of the champagne diamond Shell chose for me. The two tiny clear diamonds either side of the centre stone are such a nice, simple addition that makes it feel really bespoke and one of a kind. My band is perfectly thin and dainty and so unbelievably light I have to double check it is still on my finger at times! More than anything I love what it represents and its sentimental value. The thought and attention to detail that went into it makes it so special just like our love. 

Amie's Bespoke personalised Champagne Diamond Solitaire engagement ring

Bespoke and personalised Champagne Diamond Solitaire Engagement ring

(Amie's Bespoke Engagement ring: Solitaire Champagne Diamond ring with flush-set Clear Diamonds in band, contact us to create your bespoke piece, shop similar engagement bands)

Shell: I love my ring. Every part of it makes it special to me. The fact that Amie picked the details and designed it, the fact that Tania so carefully and wonderfully made it a reality. Amie picked a salt and pepper diamond for my ring. She said to me once when describing why she loved those diamonds - “they are perfectly, imperfect” She said when she proposed that she chose this stone because it reminded her of me as it is beautiful, rare and truly one of a kind, not in spite of its flaws, but because of them. I love that everyday my ring reminds me of my Amie. That in everything there is beauty and perfection in its own right. The True North cut into the front ties into the RUUSK necklace I bought for Amie on our first Christmas together as a couple. Everyday I look down to my ring and I smile, it’s perfect. 

Star-set Large Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement ring by RUUSK

RUUSK custom yellow gold champagne diamond engagement ring.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Solitaire ring by RUUSK jewellery

(Shell's bespoke Engagement ring; custom carved Salt and Pepper Solitaire Diamond with star-set Diamond in the bezel, contact us to create your bespoke piece, shop similar engagement bands))

How was your experience with RUUSK?

We have had the best experience with RUUSK. We have both always adored and admired Tania’s work and all of her beautiful RUUSK pieces she has made that are distinctly different and unique from any other jeweller we have seen - which is probably why we both went to her to create our special rings. This is not the first time Tania has played a part in our love story either! We put Tania in the same position of having to keep a secret from the other but that time it was with necklaces! Christmas of 2018 unbeknownst to each other we both asked Tania to create a special necklace for the other which she pulled off perfectly - and I vaguely recall assuring her we wouldn’t do that to her again!  

The thing we love most about RUUSK is that every single piece of jewellery has its own personal story and is made with love both from the customers purpose and Tania’s passion for her craft that is expressed so clearly in the details. We are certain this is not the last time RUUSK will feature in our story!

RUUSK custom solid yellow gold diamond engagement rings made to order in Sydney/

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