Your beautiful RUUSK piece was created with love and intention and, to ensure your new RUUSK piece last you many years to come, your special piece will need to be treated with the same care in which it was created. 

To extend the life of your jewellery, please read and follow our care guide which explains the best practice for wearing and caring for your special pieces:


Gold is a naturally soft metal and needs to be protected from knocks, scratches, chemicals and extreme temperatures to minimise damage or wear. All metals will tarnish over time, but this process will happen much faster if your jewellery has contact with perfume, oils, household chemicals, make-up, salty air, sulphur, skins creams, hairspray, harsh soaps, detergents, chlorine or acidic fruits.

Should tarnishing occur wipe your jewellery with a polishing cloth, unless rhodium plated (see below). 

To reduce the rate of wear and to avoid damage, we recommend that you remove your jewellery when sleeping, washing your hands, showering/bathing, cooking, cleaning, gardening and when swimming in the ocean or in chlorinated water. We also do not recommend wearing your rings at the gym, or whilst exercising, as sweat and oils from your skin can cause discolouration. Weight lifting activities may cause weights to directly rub against your rings and pressure applied during activities such as yoga and pilates can damage your jewellery.

Please note that wear and tear in the course of normal use is not considered a manufacturing fault. RUUSK pieces are handmade from precious metals that will naturally dent or scratch over time as you wear them during your life adventures. If your pieces features any diamonds or gemstones, we recommend having your settings checked with your local jeweller every 1-2 years as stone settings can loosen over time.

For more detailed care instructions please see below:


Diamonds are one of the world's hardest natural materials but they still require a great level of care. Chipping, cracking or scratching can occur if your diamond/s comes under extreme force or intense impact. Please be sure not to knock your diamond against other hard materials. Always take great care when heavy lifting or manual work as this could loosen your stone setting.


Emeralds are a beautiful addition to any modern heirloom but they require a little more care and attention than your other gemstones. Emeralds are a softer and more delicate variety of stone, which makes them particularly prone to chipping with knocks; they're beautiful but do require particular care to keep your piece beautiful for many years to come. Due to their fragile nature, we have a specific care guide for emeralds which you can find here ( Your very special piece will require extra care and extra caution when being worn.

To protect your emerald jewellery, sure to remove your piece before doing anything laborious. Additionally, removing your rings whilst sleeping, showering, cooking, cleaning and when at the gym will help protect your gem from unnecessary knocks.

You should never clean your emerald jewellery ultrasonically or with steam. And avoid exposing your emerald to extreme temperatures as heat can damage the stone. It is also best to avoid hot water, soaps and chemicals as coming in contact with these can cause issues such as discolouration and damage to the clarity and structure of your emerald.

For more ways to keep your favourite emerald jewellery shimmering for a lifetime, read more about our emerald care instructions here. 

Necklaces & Bracelets

Sleeping in necklaces and bracelets can cause tangles that put stress on joins, causing damage and breakage. As such, do not wear these pieces sleeping and store each chain individually in your RUUSK box to avoid tangling and knotting.

Avoid wearing fine chain necklaces or bracelets around pets or small children who may pull on your special piece; chains are not indestructible and they can be stretched or snapped when tugged with force. Substances that are not PH neutral can affect the structural integrity of a chain so please avoid contact with perfume, make-up, harsh soap, chlorine & household chemicals. If a clasp looks or feels like it may be coming loose, do not wear the necklace or bracelet and please contact to arrange an assessment.

White Gold Rhodium Plated Jewellery

All RUUSK White Gold pieces are rhodium plated (unless otherwise requested) so that they will best match any other White Gold jewellery you might wear. Do not use polishing cream or cloths on rhodium plated jewellery as this will remove your plating. Additionally, when cleaning your jewellery, do so very gently and without great force. To best care for your rhodium plating do not swim in your jewellery or wear your special pieces when you will be sweating profusely. Chlorine and chemicals added to swimming pools can speed the breakdown of your plating. As can the salt water in the ocean. 

Mixing Metals

RUUSK does not recommend you wear or layer jewellery made of different materials. This includes ring/necklace/bracelet stacks that mix 9ct, 14ct or 18ct or when pairing your special pieces with jewellery made from sterling silver, platinum, or stones & ceramics (fashion jewellery). Be cautious of direct contact as this may cause your jewellery to rub against alternative materials and wear at a faster rate. We strongly recommend you seperate different materials and avoid direct contact to extend the longevity of your special pieces.


Do not wear earrings with items of clothing where your earrings may be caught or pulled. Avoid wearing your special pieces during high intensity activities. If you think your earring backs are loose or you lose one, avoid wearing your earrings and please contact us at enquiries@ruusk for help.


When not being worn, store your jewellery individually in their RUUSK box to prevent your special pieces being knocked, scratched or tangled. Keep all your pieces seperate so they are not tangling, knotting or rubbing together, especially necklace chains. And please store your RUUSK box in a cool and dry place.


RUUSK will cover the cost of reasonable repairs under normal wear for the first six months after purchase. After assessment, if your special piece indicates improper care or is damaged in a way resulting from something other than normal wear, or for pieces purchased over 6 months ago, a repair fee will apply.
Please note, customers are responsible for shipping costs to and from the studio; we require all parcels to be sent via tracked and Express Shipping.

Please note that any repairs or modifications undertaken by other jewellers on our pieces voids this warranty. We do not take any responsibility for repairs or resizes undertaken by other jewellers.


We always recommend you insure your very special piece or pieces against accidental damage, loss and theft. We like to recommend Centerstone which is a jewellery specific insurance company that will cover the cost of like-for-like replacement with us. Centerstone policies can be arranged for piece(s) with a value of over $3,000. This can include multiple pieces, eg 3 necklaces valued at $1,000 each. However, should you wish to use a different insurance company your invoice should suffice as proof of purchase and value. Should you require any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

RUUSK does not take responsibility for lost jewellery.

How should I clean my jewellery?

Please refer to our How to Clean Jewellery at Home blog post for cleaning instructions.