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RUUSK Ring Showings

I'm so thrilled to say that RUUSK's first ever ring Showing was absolutely wonderful. Hosted at Babushka Ballerina's beautiful boutique in Paddington, I couldn't have wished for a more perfect setting or a more beautiful day. It was such a pleasure meeting so many wonderful clients and couples and to be able to chat rings with them. View the BTS photos captured by the beautiful Laura Marii from Scarlet and Sage.
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a little Signet ring history

The history of the signet ring is a very old one indeed, with Signet rings being traced as far back as 3500BC to the people of Mesopotamia. Signet rings have graced the fingers of Egyptian pharaohs and queens, Roman Kings, Noblemen and even Shakespeare. Typically made entirely of gold or featuring carved gemstones, the top of the ring was usually engraved with an identifying symbol such as monograms or family seals to be used as a seal. Wax was melted onto a document and the top of the ring was impressed into the wax, leaving a clear and permanent mark. Similar to a signature today, signet rings provided their wearers with a way of leaving their mark and a way...
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RUUSK couples - Callin & James

Meet Callin and her husband James, RUUSK’s very first Bride and Groom. I had the please of making their custom carved wedding bands when they tied the knot 3 years ago...
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by the light of the moon

Exactly 4 months ago today, I was taken on an incredible adventure, consisting of secret love letters, beautiful blooms, candle lit paths and a seaside gumball machine. Haha definitely not your typical proposal story! In true Nick style, he went above and beyond to create a magical evening I'll treasure for a lifetime. You can read the full proposal story here, but today I'm thrilled to say that I finally finished my ring. Designing my own engagement ring has definitely been the most challenging project I've worked on so far. With so many options and free rein, it was so difficult to decide what kind of piece I wanted to create. After a lot of deliberation I realised that whatever I...
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Choosing your ring metal

So you’re getting ready to create your own modern heirloom - congratulations! You may have already spotted a style you love and are now selecting the details to create your custom piece. Two of the details to consider when choosing the metal for your ring are Carat and Colour.  Carat When talking about carat of Gold, the carat refers to the percentage of gold in relation to the other metals present in your jewellery. As pure Gold is soft, it’s rarely used to create jewellery, especially jewellery you want to last a lifetime (or more!). To make the Gold more durable, pure gold is mixed with other alloys.RUUSK pieces can be made in 9ct, 14ct or 18ct Gold. The higher the...
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Fashion Journal

Guess who I found in Fashion Journal? So exciting to be featured so soon after our launch! "When looking for a new piece, it makes sense to buy something unique. RUUSK’s offering is just that. The Sydney-based label allows you to completely customise its range of rings. There’s 18 shapes to choose from, each of which can be crafted in Australian gold, rose gold or white gold. You’ll also get to choose the karats, stones, setting and finish. Every piece is handmade in Sydney to order, using traditional carving methods. RUUSK is ethical too, with all materials sourced from accredited Australian suppliers ensuring the jewellery has a positive social impact." Thanks so much for the write-up Leah! xView the write up...
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Lucy's Wedding band

My strong desire to create meaningful and long lasting pieces means I have a particular soft spot for making wedding and engagement rings. When I get approached to make these special pieces, I'm always extremely honoured and when it's someone I know and Iove, it's hard not to feel completely blown away with joy. Lucy's wedding band was definitely no exception. I'll never forget the look on her face when I finally showed her the finished ring. She was absolutely glowing! Lucy and I met years ago on my first day at my new high school. I'll never forget meeting Lucy for the first time, she was such a beam of light and I knew immediately that we were going to be friends. It's...
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The Story of RUUSK

 Getting in front of the camera can always be a little nerve-wracking, even more so when you're being filmed for the first time! So, it's fair to say, I was a little nervous before the big day. Luckily, with my darling friend Laura Marii behind the camera, the nerves soon settled and we pretty much laughed the day away!  I'm absolutely thrilled to have her working on this project with me. It feels amazing to know that the video is now well underway and that soon I'll be able to share a little bit of my story, philosophy and life/design experiences with you. Whilst Laura works on creating some amazing video magic, she's surprised me with some candid photos from the day to share...
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"The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace."Kate Chopin Too beautiful not to share. Emily Delphine's breathtaking editorial with model Zoe, her freckles, a soft sea breeze and RUUSK jewellery. Photographer - Emily DelphineModel - Zoe BarnardMUA - Yolanda LukowskiStylist - Robyn Catinella Rings & Necklace - RUUSK  
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a time of change

Almost exactly a month since Nick & I got engaged, another big change is about to occur. At midnight tonight, I'll be saying goodbye to RUUSK's previous collections and instead I'll be taking a leap of faith and officially embarking on my new venture RUUSK RINGS. Although RUUSK RINGS will feel familiar in style and design, in reality it will very much be like starting a new business as I shift towards creating a platform where you'll be able to customise your ring online. I want to give you the opportunity to have something special made just for you, in your size, in your chosen metal and finish and even personalised with diamonds should you wish. Each piece will be made...
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