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Ensuring that RUUSK rings are ethically made is extremely important to me. For this Only Ethical Australian Gold is used to create your unique piece. Ethical Gold means that it has been sourced in ways that involve no illegality, no environmentally unsound practices, no gender inequality conditions, no child labour, no contribution to conflict and transparent supply chains. 

Along with sourcing all RUUSK Gold locally, I'm committed to ensuring that all RUUSK diamonds are purchased from accredited Australian Diamond suppliers and are conflict-free. 

I also take care to source beautiful high quality diamonds for all RUUSK pieces. Clear diamonds are F-G in colour, placing them in the Rare White colour scale and have VS clarity. Each diamond is specifically selected for colour, clarity and quality cut by trained Australian diamond specialist.  

I also love working with locally sourced Australian Sapphires and Australian Argyle Diamonds. Should you wish to create a piece using these bespoke stones please contact me to 
enquire about a commission piece.

Although diamonds are the hardest of all gemstones, they are not indestructible so please take care when wearing your jewellery. To look its best, diamond jewellery has to be cleaned regularly. The safest method for cleaning diamond jewellery is a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water followed by a good rinse in hot water.

Every other year, you should have your diamond piece checked by a professional jeweller for wear or damage to ensure that the diamonds remain safely set.

Read more about my methods and values here - Authentic. Handmade. Ethical