Solid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaMoon & Star Oval Signet with peridot moon and citrine star

August's birthstone is the ancient and celestial Peridot, a gemstone found in both the volcanic lava of the Earth and amongst the comet dust sprinkled throughout our cosmos.

This beautiful green stone is a variety of the Olivine mineral family and ranks 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale (a scale of hardness based on the ability of one mineral to scratch another). 

Here are our favourite 5 facts about Peridot:

1. This gemstone is in space! Tiny Peridot crystals have been discovered in meteors that fall to earth, as well as in comet dust brought back from the Stardust Robotic Space Probe back in 2005. Also, in 2011, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope observed what is believed to be tiny crystals of Peridot falling like glittery green rain crystals through the dusty cloud of a developing star!

2. Adored in Ancient Egypt, Peridots were prized by Egyptian Kings who referred to them as ‘Gems of the Sun’. It has been said that some of Cleopatra's Emeralds were actually, in fact, Peridots.

3. Peridots in powdered form were once used for medicinal purposes as a remedy believed to cure asthma! Also, when held under the tongue, it would supposedly reduce the thirst of a person suffering from fever.

4. Peridot is believed to bring good health, restful sleep and peace to relationships. It does this by bringing positive energy and balancing emotions. 

5. Peridot is formed under tremendous heat and pressure in the magma of the upper mantle, which is about 20 to 55 miles under the surface of the Earth. The gemstones are then brought to the surface by tectonic movement, spurting out in volcanic lava!

Solid Gold Jewellery made in Australia
Solid Gold Jewellery made in Australia A very special pair of matching Classic Signet Rings with peridot

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