Born from Stars - INGRID

Sitting down on a cosy lounge surrounded by the sound of children’s laughter, we chatted to Ingrid about motherhood with her two children, Ella and Max. 

What is your favourite thing about motherhood?
Watching your kids grow up and see these little personalities flourish. I feel like every stage I never want to end and yet each new stage is almost better, building on the one before, bewildering you every step of the way. 

Describe a day in your life with your children. 
On the weekends, it would be a 6am wake up and play in our bedroom, then breakfast out together at one of our favourite cafes, then off to the beach in summer. After the kids have their day sleeps, we might just chill out together in our backyard and have sushi for dinner followed by bathtime, dancing, books and bedtime.

How do you balance being a mum with your creative side?
It isn’t easy, I try to do yoga as much as possible and I enjoy listening to music so if I am lucky they will sometimes let me choose the music to dance to! 

What was the best advice your mum passed on to you?
When you need help, always ask for it. There are so many people around ready to support you so don’t be afraid to reach out.  

Tell us your favourite memory from motherhood.
There are just too many! But maybe the first time they both giggled is one I will never forget, and of course meeting them both for the very first time.

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