Born from Stars - KAYLA & EZRA


Two years ago a little life was brought into the world in the form of a smiling, curly-haired boy named Ezra. From dancing before breakfast to lazy afternoon naps and some creativity in between, Ezra’s life is always eventful - thanks to his mum, Kayla. 

We chatted to Kayla as part of our ‘Born From Stars’ campaign, a celebration of mothers and the shining light they bring to the world in a million different ways.

“I've been blessed with an amazing person who is an extension of myself, created and formed in me. A little person I love so much (more than I could ever explain to you),” Kayla says.

“It's a beautiful thing to watch a child discover and appreciate every little thing in life with a huge smile, even more so when it's your own child. I love watching Ezra learn, play and build on his personality...that's my favourite part of being a mum, it makes the tiring parts so worth it!”


Behind the scenes with Ezra and Kayla, it’s easy to see the joy they bring to each-other, every moment of the day. A typical day starts slow, stretching and cuddling in bed before making breakfast with their favourite music playing in the background.

“Mornings are for getting all his energy out...we dance, create, read, explore and sometimes we'll watch a movie together,” she says.

Surprisingly, balancing work has been easy feat for Kayla - especially when Ezra takes long lazy naps of an afternoon.

“Ezra is at a copying kind of stage, which is a sneaky way for me to get my own work done...if I need to write, I'll get him out his own paper and pens..little things like that.

“When dad comes home, mum is all forgotten, which is when I can revisit that work I need to do!”

“I think some people see having children as a hindering thing in terms of work and personal freedom, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other life feels full and I can prioritise things according to him...he won't stay two for forever!” she adds.

Kayla’s advice for mums who need to balance a creative career is simple: just go for it, it’s possible.

“I encourage all Mums to still go for what they want to do creatively! Get a good team behind you, get organised and find fun ways to involve your child in what you're doing at home. You can do it if you really want it.”


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