Cait & Emma's Photoshoot Proposal

RUUSK Couples: Cait and Emma

Under the guise of a baby bump photoshoot and in the middle of the South Road Sand Dunes in the Northern Territory, Cait got down on one knee and proposed to Emma (who said yes!) After seeing their very special moment, captured by their photographer, Kate McConnal, we couldn't wait to share their story with you all. 

How did you meet?

We met through mutual friends many years ago but our romance started at a Country Throwdown party, Cowboy boots and all, when Cait forced Emma to help dry her pants after sitting on someone's glass of punch.

Where was your first date?

Our first date was at a small tapas bar in Glebe, The Different Drummer. We spent all night drinking Charlie Chaplin's and getting to know each other properly!RUUSK Couples: Cait and EmmaDescribe each other in three words

Emma is strong, inspiring, loving and my absolute rock

Cait is beautiful, fierce and benevolent

Cait, how did you propose?

Well, Emma proposed to me first on a holiday in Bali! Almost 12 months later to the day, and 3 months pregnant - I organised a baby bump photoshoot. The surprise was on Emma when in the middle of the Sand Dunes our photographer told us to stand back to back. Whilst Emma was facing the opposite direction, I got down on one knee and proposed. I was so in the moment, I actually forgot to ask the question until after Emma had the ring on her finger! Thankfully, she said yes!

What did you love most about the special moment?

When Emma proposed to me, it was the most magical feeling in the world. To be able to propose to Emma and let her feel that magic too, was really important to me.

The location of the proposal was the South Road Sand Dunes, a stunning representation of the Northern Territory and its' beautiful landscape. We love that our photographer was able to capture the moment and when our bub is old enough, we'll be able to show them that they were with us in that very special moment. RUUSK Couples: Cait and EmmaRUUSK Couples: Cait and Emma

Emma, what do you love most about your ring?

Cait and I spent quite a lot of time looking at different rings, before there were any proposals, and I could never find anything that I could see myself wearing. Cait chose better than I ever could, my engagement ring is perfect. The style is I love its simplicity and uniqueness.RUUSK Couples: Cait + EmmaRUUSK Large Diamond SignetEmma's Large Diamond Signet

What are you looking forward to most about life together?

Our life together has been pretty amazing thus far. In the last 18 months we moved to the Northern Territory, had 2 proposals, bought our first home together and we are currently six months pregnant with our first child. We are looking forward to a life full of happiness, adventures, love, support and kicking goals side by side. As long as we have each other, this life will be everything we could ever dream of. 

RUUSK Couples: Cait and Emma

Photographer: Kate McConnal@katerosefolk

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