Caitlin's Signet & Supernova ring

When creating her pieces with RUUSK, Caitlin reminisced on childhood memories of grandmother's rings and the stories that came with these - she was drawn to the idea of having timeless pieces that commemorated her family, including each of her children.

RUUSK custom Signet rings and Diamond Gold rings

Tell us about your special pieces and how these are linked to your family.

I have always been sentimental about jewellery, I recall looking at my grandmother's rings as a child and asking her to tell me where each piece came from, I was always drawn to her hands because they were full of gold and stories. I love the idea that each piece marks a special occasion in your lifetime. 

When asking Tania to create my pieces I wanted them to represent my own family members... the signet ring features my children’s initials, and a diamond for each of them including the baby that we didn’t get to meet earth side, it’s a nice reminder of her too. 

Custom hand engraved Signet ring with personalised Diamonds

RUUSK family heirloom jewellery Caitlin's Signet ring and Diamond Supernova ring

What prompted you to create your special pieces?

I have long admired Tania’s work. I love that they are timeless and won’t date. I knew I wanted a signet ring as soon as I stumbled upon RUUSK. 

How did you feel when you saw your pieces for the first time?

They were even better than what I had pictured. I knew as soon as I saw them that I would never take them off, I love that they will become a part of who I am and one day will be passed on to my loved ones. 

RUUSK family heirlooms. Custom gold diamond signet ring.

What have been the biggest joys and challenges that you've experienced in motherhood?

No one can prepare you for how much the love you have for your child will equal parts make you and break you. It is my honour to raise these small people into decent human beings, but with that carries so much weight about doing a good job.

They are the best part of my day and the most challenging. The love is oh so overwhelming.

Handmade gold signet and supernova ring. Family heirloom.

Personalised family heirloom Signet ring with hand engraving and Diamonds. RUUSK jewellery

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