5 questions with Damien Milan

We love being able to introduce you to some wonderful Sydney creatives and are thrilled to be sharing this little interview with Damien from Damien Milan Photography.
I had the pleasure of working with Damien on a shoot when I was first diving into jewellery and his photos are absolutely beautiful. Known for travelling the world to capture magical moments for his couples, he is dedicated to capturing raw authentic images in gorgeous settings.

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Damien Milan Wedding Photographer and RUUSK jewellery

1. What's the most magical moment that you've photographed?

I will always remember that time we were in Norway to photograph a local wedding by a fjord and we had asked the bride's mum if she could find a rowboat to take the newlyweds for a short cruise on the fjord. The groom was working for the naval infantry so we thought that would fit perfectly with their story. The bride's mum got back to us with some good and some less exciting news. 
She had found a rowboat but there was a hole it in and it probably wouldn't last more than 15 minutes afloat. Needless to say we had a blast documenting the bride laughing hard in the rain while her new husband was demonstrating his love for her by working hard to scoop the pool of water out of the boat and keep them afloat.
This is why we love taking our couples on little adventures so much. You never know what to expect and they make for beautiful and honest moments for us to capture.

Damien Milan Photography

2. Do you guide the couples throughout your photoshoots or do you step back and capture the moments as they happen?

We like to provide guidance in terms of light and location but never in terms of emotions. We feel like it is so important to give our couples space to be themselves and express their own emotions, free of judgement. 
To us genuine connections with the couples we photograph are the key to capturing real and honest moments that are the essence of our work.

Damien Milan Wedding Photographer and RUUSK jewellery

3. Why do you love to shoot elopements?

The beautiful thing about elopements is you can pretty much elope anywhere and there are less restrictions in terms of budget. As creative souls we feel the most inspired when we are out of our comfort zone and close to natural elements. 
There is also something very special and magical about documenting honest and intimate moments with couples who share and trust our vision with very little boundaries.

Damien Milan Photography interview

4. Where would you like to go next?
I guess we cannot call ourselves real photographers until we have been to Iceland ;-) But Japan is definitely on the list as well. And we are kind of obsessed by volcanic places in general.

Damien Milan Wedding Photographer and RUUSK jewellery

5. Any advice for couples looking to elope

As cliche as it may sound, just follow your heart and be fearless!

Damien Milan Wedding Photographer and RUUSK jewellery

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You can also see more of Damien's work on his website and facebook page

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