Dylan's Signet Ring

When Gypsie approached RUUSK with the intention of creating a very special signet ring for her partner Dylan, we were more than thrilled to learn that she was going to propose to him with this! Wanting a piece they could eventually pass on to their future children and symbolic of the name they would come to share, Gypsie had Dylan's surname engraved on the ring face with their birthstones on either side. 

RUUSK handmade modern heirloom jewellery. Personalised rings for him and her.

Describe Dylan in three words
Dedicated, kind-beyond-measure & thinks-he’s-way-funnier-than-he-is (does that count as three?) 

How does Dylan's ring represent you both?
I chose to have his surname engraved on the signet face - symbolic of a name we will share when we are married, with our birthstones (a diamond and an emerald) either side. At first I was a little unsure about adding stones to the ring and felt cautious about keeping it ‘masculine’, however Tania’s design is simply incredible and the ring wouldn’t be complete without them now. The reason behind the stones are Dylan’s favourite part of the ring & he has loved telling our friends & family about it when they see the ring for the first time. 

RUUSK men's gold diamond emerald signet ring.
How did you feel when you surprised Dylan with his special piece? 
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous- but when the time came I felt calm and so excited!

After having to change plans of when/where I could propose twice - I realised ‘where’ I asked wasn’t important, because wherever we are when we’re together always feels like home (sorry - so corny but it’s true). 

I told Dylan earlier that I had a ‘joke’ present to give him & he was already face palming wondering what kind of stupid prank I had up my sleeve for him - only this time it wasn’t a prank or a joke! 

I felt so relieved as soon as Dyl put the ring on - it was the perfect fit, required no adjustments and looks even better than I could have dreamt it! 

RUUSK bespoke gold engraved signet ring.
What was his reaction?

He was SO surprised in the best possible way and just lifted me up and spun me around again and again! After lots of happy tears, 100 “Oh My Gods” and so much laughter - we realised he hadn’t even looked at the ring nor had he answered me for about 5 minutes because we were just so excited! Both of us had the sorest cheeks that night from smiling all afternoon. A moment like that is hard to put into words, but every time I think about it, I find the biggest smile sweep across my face. 

RUUSK modern heirlooms for men.
What do you and Dylan love most about his ring?

We love how symbolic and personal it is for both of us & that we will be able to pass it down to our children one day to honour the family name. My sisters and I always fight about who will get to cherish my mums engagement ring - so I guess in a sense I wanted to create a piece that our future children will feel the same way about. It really is a special piece that will go on to stand the test of time & tell stories when we are older. I am so glad that I found RUUSK & I can’t wait to wear my own piece by Tania soon too! 

RUUSK modern heirlooms, custom gold ring.

What excites you most about life together?  

I know that our life together will forever be filled with endless fun! We are both optimistic people & like to think that we bring a positive attitude towards everything we do. We are also huge pranksters & our relationship was founded on a lot of jokes & sarcasm - so I know our life will never be short of laughter! Jokes aside though, Dyl has made me feel like the most special person in the world since the day I met him - I feel so lucky to go through life with him by my side. 

RUUSK modern family heirlooms. Bespoke gold engraved signet ring.

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