Emeralds are a gorgeous and rich addition to any piece of jewellery, but it is important to understand that they require a little more care and attention than your other gemstones.

As emeralds are a softer variety of stone, they often have surface reaching inclusions and as a result can crack more easily and are more susceptible to scratches. You can absolutely still wear your emeralds daily, it simply means that emeralds require a little more loving care from their wearer. 

Here are some ways to keep your favourite emerald shimmering for a lifetime:

  1. Avoid exposing your emerald to extreme temperatures. Heat can damage emeralds as it can extend existing fractures.
  2. Be careful about continuous exposure to sunlight as the light can destroy oil treatments or discolour or deteriorate your emerald.
  3. Try not to store your emerald jewellery in a box, instead use soft cloths or pouches and never keep your emerald jewellery in the same bag as other jewellery.
  4. Never clean your emerald ultrasonically or with steam: ultrasonic vibrations could weaken already-fractured stones and hot steam causes oil or unhardened resin to sweat out of fractures.
  5. The best way to clean your emerald jewellery is by rubbing the gem with a soapy cloth, a pea size amount of soft clothing detergent should be fine, and rinse your piece lightly with water.
  6. For extremely dirty emeralds, and it’s always best if you clean your emerald as soon as possible since emeralds cannot withstand chemical cleaning, soak your emeralds overnight in detergent water.
  7. Be sure to remove your jewellery (yes, even your diamonds) before doing anything laborious. Taking your rings off before the gym or doing household chores will help protect your gems from unnecessary hits.

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