Proposing to a jewellery designer

Well I definitely never thought I'd be starting this journal with my own proposal story, then again I also never thought the my engagement ring would come from a Gumball machine! Yet for some reason, that magical moment, under the moon and by the sea, felt almost familiar to me. Just like that, with one little question, a new wonderful chapter of my life began.

But let me start at the beginning. It was March 12th and I thought it was going to be a normal Sunday afternoon. I was surprised to see my friend Lucy looking for me on the streets of Surry Hills and even more surprised when she handed me a letter. Intrigued I read the little handwritten note from Nick saying sorry for changing our afternoon plans but that I was instead about to embark on an adventure he had planned for me. Like a giddy school girl, I ran back home to where my first clue was waiting for me. A beautiful bunch of native flowers, another handwritten letter and a gorgeous new dress were carefully laid out for me on the bed. I quickly got changed into my new lace outfit just in time for an elegant driver to appear at the door ready to take me to my next clue and secret destination.
I jumped in the car and was taken to be pampered! An hour or so later, hair and makeup done and after a few sneaky sips of champagne, I was picked up again and handed a final letter by the driver... "Don't be nervous my love, I'll see you soon" it read.

As soon as I realised we were driving down to the sea I knew immediately that I was about to experience one of the most beautiful and important moments of my life. I stepped out of the car and was handed a tiny note - "follow the candles"

Little flames danced in the wind as they illuminated my path towards the waves. There, under the moonlight I saw Nick, waiting with his arms open for me to arrive. Exactly one year ago we had visited this exact spot on our first date. I can still remember how fascinating I found him, who would have known, that a year later we'd be sharing this moment.

As I told Nick early on in our relationship never to buy me jewellery, he decided to get creative with his proposal and handed me a small ring box with a one dollar coin. "I'd like you to design your ring but in the meantime we need a placeholder... so if you wouldn't mind" He said, indicating the Gumball machine. I laughed and took the coin and placed it in the slot. "What if a Gumball comes out?" I said just before turning "I guess we'll find out" Nick replied.

A with a simple click, a pink love heart ring emerged and with that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Crowds had formed along the cliff and we turned to find people cheering and waving as Nick swung me around in his arms "She said YES" he yelled and the crowed cheered even louder! Haha By the sea and under the moonlight, I couldn't have been happier.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later; we are now sitting in a beautiful room in Byron as I write this story and he plays the Guitar at the end of the bed. Life is beyond wonderful.

So there you have it, the brief retelling of a creative's proposal to a jewellery designer haha and with the ring design still to come I simply can't wait to share the making of my own engagement ring with you!

Sketches will be coming soon...



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