How to secretly determine your partner's ring size.

RUUSK Guide to secretly determine your ring size

If you are wondering how to secretly find out your partners ring size, you're not alone! We have put together a list of our top five tips and tricks to help you soon-to-be proposers discretely measure the correct size without ruining the surprise. 

1. Ask their friends:

A good place to start is by asking one of their friends, as they might just have this information on hand for you! (pun intended) If their friend doesn't know right away, perhaps you can team up and they can be the one to tactfully ask or find out. Even better, you could ask the friend to take your partner engagement ring shopping "for fun". By Getting their finger professionally sized by a jeweller means you'll have the best chance of getting the perfect fit. 

2. "Borrow" a ring:

This will put your detective skills to the test! See if you can discretely "borrow" one of their rings and to take to a local jeweller to check the ring size. Ideally you want to "borrow" a ring that your partner wears on their ring finger (or which ever finger you're trying to determine the size of). Keep in mind that the width of the ring measured can affect sizing. Eg if you "borrow" a really wide band but are looking to purchase a ring with a fine band we may need to go down 1/2- 1 ring size.   

3. Order a ring sizer

Ordering a ring sizer can be a fun and playful way to help you determine your partner's ring size at home. Perhaps you can pretend that you're wanting to purchase a ring for yourself or a family member. Pull out the ring sizer when you're with your partner and you can ask them to help you check your size and then playfully ask to check theirs. You can order one of our ring sizers here

4. Make a stealthy move:

If your partner is a deep sleeper and takes their jewellery off at night, this is your chance to act! See if you can use one of their rings to determine the inner diameter of their band. Place the ring on top a ruler to take the measurement and use this chart to determine the equivalent ring size, as long as you have the Mission Impossible theme song playing in your head, you won't get caught!

5. Just ask them:

It's as simple as that! The ring you choose, the timing of the proposal and they way you do it can all still be a surprise. There is no harm in asking directly for their size. Least this way you know you'll get it right. Extra points if you have a ring sizer ready to go. You can order our ring sizer online here.


RUUSK Guide to secretly determine your ring size

Good to remember:

The most accurate way to determine your ring size is to visit a local jeweller and have them check this for you or your partner in person. You can use one of the above methods to hopefully get a good approximation but it's possible that it might be a bit off. 

Top tips for measuring a "borrowed" ring:

- Try and find a ring your partner wears on their ring finger (traditionally on the left hand). If they don't wear any rings on their ring finger just make a mental note of which finger they usually wear the "borrowed" ring on and let us know.

- Ring width can affect sizing. If the ring you've measured is quite wide or very thin, make mental note of this and let us know. You can always send us a photo of the ring you measured along with the width of the band for extra guidance.


For more information on ring sizing please visit our Ring Sizing page
Or, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch , we're always here to help :) 

Good luck, we hope to create your special piece soon! 



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