Australian made solid gold diamond necklace
In honour of her Gran, an incredible wordsmith remembered for her handwriting and large collection of daily diaries, Meg's very special piece celebrated family memories and the treasure of record-keeping. Engraving her Gran's diary entry on her day of birth, Meg's necklace beautifully honours the women who came before.
Tell us about your very special piece? 

I chose to customise the true north necklace with a very special engraving to remember my Gran. Gran kept a daily diary for around 60 years and was known for her incredible hand writing. Gran’s diary entry written the day I was born, tells the story of my Mum’s very quick labour and the excitement of my siblings to hear I was a baby girl. Gran wrote: “A dear little dolly only 5lbs 13ozs”. I thought this was so sweet and special to be able to read about the day I was born, so I wanted to create a piece I could wear everyday incorporating her words.

Australian made solid gold diamond necklaceAustralian made engraved White Gold Diamond Necklace

How did you feel when you saw your necklace for the first time?

I was so happy to see my vision come to life! The necklace is so delicate and pretty and I was so impressed to see the engraving.

What is a favourite memory you have of your Grandmother

My favourite memory of my Gran would be spending time in the kitchen together baking. Gran had her very own handwritten recipe book, which we still use to this day.

RUUSK journal stories - personalised handwriting engraving

RUUSK True North starset diamond necklace with personalised engraving
Meg's very special Clear Diamond True North Necklace
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