Nicki from Nicki Pilates

RUUSK 0.25ct Diamond Mini Stellar Ring and Diamond Shimmer Thin Organic ring

Nicki is one of the gorgeous souls in our RUUSK community who exudes warmth and positivity with every word she writes. Owning and starting a pilates studio, Nicki Pilates in Albion Park, she has created a welcoming, safe and very happy space. So it was with great pleasure when Nicki asked us to create a Mini Stellar, Shimmer Thin Organic, Hand Carved Cuff & Small Signet over the last year as she set up her new studio. And we are so excited to share Nicki's special pieces and new creative venture with you all.


Illawarra NSW

Profession/ Business / Passion / Creative Outlet:
Pilates Instructor

Nicki Pilates

Nicki's Pilates Studio

Star sign:
Cancer & very much a Cancerian

Quote/words to live by:
Find beauty in everything

Favourite places to visit:
Kirra, QLD (my go to home away from home) 

RUUSK Hand Carved Cuff in solid yellow Gold

Nicki's Hand Carved Cuff

Describe your typical day:
Getting woken up by some hungry monsters (my children), pilates classes in the AM, lunch and a walk or nap, pilates classes in the PM. I am fortunate enough to have my husband home during the day to be daddy daycare whilst I assist others in their feel good movement.

How would you best describe your approach to health and fitness?
I have found being intuitive to my bodies responses. Tired/rest, hungry/eat, anxious/breath. It’s so important to give ourselves a good balance and not to deprive ourselves of anything.

Mini Stellar

Nicki's Mini Stellar Solitaire & Shimmer Thin Organic

In establishing Nicki Pilates, what has been your greatest takeaway or realisation? And what have you been most grateful for in this process?
Being a mum to four children, I'm quite often asked how I find the time to run a pilates studio and instruct classes? If you are passionate about something, it's not a question about finding the time. It just happens. I am most grateful for the community of people I have met in this process. It’s been a very humbling experience and I am so grateful for everyone in my life.

Advice you would give to your younger self:
Nicki, you will experience everything in life. The highs and lows are what will make you grow into the amazing woman you will become. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Be kind, gentle and try not to resist life’s lessons, they happen for a reason.

Nicki Pilates
If you are in Albion Park and looking for a Pilates Class, please pop into Nicki's studio and tell her we say hi! You can find all the details about her studio here
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