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Danny & Phoebe's Boulder Beach Proposal

RUUSK Couples: Danny + Phoebe

When Danny came to RUUSK wanting to create a very special engagement ring for Phoebe, we were so excited to make such a meaningful piece for them. Planning to propose around Phoebe's birthday, Danny organised a trip away for the two of them to Lennox Heads. So we were thrilled to hear she said YES and their proposal story had us smiling from ear to ear...

How did you meet?

We first met when Danny was working at the film school I attended but didn’t have much to do with each other at the time. A couple of years later we worked on a film together and became friends. A mutual friend of ours tried to set us up but it took Danny another 6 months to ask me out under the guise of working together on a music video. 

RUUSK Couples: Danny + Phoebe

Where was your first date?

For our first proper date Danny drove us out to Lake Moogerah and we had a picnic under the stars. We ate some delicious food and watched a movie. Danny took a little time-lapse while we were there which is so cool to have of our first date.

Danny, how did you propose? 

We had arranged to go away for a few nights at Lennox Head for Phoebes birthday and then come home to celebrate with all her family. We had talked about getting engaged for a while but I had Phoebe convinced it wasn’t going to happen this year. So I had the ring delivered to Phoebe's Dad to keep it a surprise! 

I was pretty keen to ask her as soon as possible so on the afternoon we arrived in Lennox I organised for us to go down to the headland at Boulder Beach and have a sunset picnic. I was behaving pretty awkwardly so I think she totally knew what was coming but once we were set up and just as the sun was setting I told her how much I loved her and then asked her to marry me and she said yes!

RUUSK Couples: Danny + Phoebe

What did you love most about your special moment?

I loved that it was perfectly suited to us. We go and watch the sunset most afternoons and we both enjoy a picnic so I love that it was both of those things combined. It was also great to keep the news to ourselves for a couple of days and spend the time relaxing at the beach with just the two of us. It was so cool to come home a few days later and surprise my family - their reaction was amazing! 

Phoebe, what do you love most about your ring?

I love everything about my ring. I’d given Danny a few hints on the sort of styles I liked and the one he chose is perfect. What I love most is that Danny loves it as well and the subtle inscription he got engraved on the inside. 

RUUSK Couples: Phoebe + Danny

RUUSK Couples: Phoebe + Danny

RUUSK Couples: Danny + PhoebeFeaturing Phoebe's Supernova ring customised with a centre Sapphire stone

What excites you most about life together?

We already love our life together and appreciate it every day. We are both really excited to continue to grow a life full of adventure, family, love and plenty more sunset picnics. 

RUUSK Couples: Danny + Phoebe

RUUSK Couples: Phoebe + Danny


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