Milly Dent with these hands RUUSK featureInspired by the natural world, Milly reimagines the daily routine through uniquely handcrafted, exclusive ceramic goods. We visited Milly's creative space to chat about all things ceramics, relaxation and her passion for creativity. We are so excited to be sharing her gorgeous work with you. ✨

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Milly Dent


My studio is in Marrickville and I live in Surry Hills.

Milly Dent Ruusk feature with these hands

Profession/ Business / Passion / Creative Outlet:

Ceramic artist and designer! Creative Outlet = Swimming!

Star sign:


Quote/words to live by:

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Milly Dent With these hands RUUSK featureFavourite places to visit (to eat, drink, play, have fun, relax):

- Swim and Snorkel at Gordons Bay

- Eat Salad at The Shop, Bondi

- Walk in the RNP

- Drink at Wildflower or Poor Toms in Marrickville

- Relax near the Boat Ramp at Bondi

Milly Dent RUUSK with these hands feature

Describe your typical day:

I try to wake up with a swim in the ocean! I then head to the studio (often via Iggy’s) and then work on new designs, pouring moulds, hand-building forms, and then I head home and have a yummy dinner with my house-mates!

Is your design approach intuitive or measured? How so?:

A little bit of both! A lot of working with clay is very intuitive and unplanned, things often turn out unexpected thanks to the unpredictable nature of working with clay. In saying that, I am very organised and measured in all ways I can be in my process of making. I like to have as much control as possible over the things that I can, and let the kiln do the rest! 

RUUSK with these hands feature Milly Dent

Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?:

The natural world around me, shapes, textures, forms, everything! I think inspiration can’t be pinned onto one thing or moment its my experience of living and what I surround myself with!

RUUSK with these hands feature milly dent

Website:  https://www.millydent.com/

Instagram: @millydent

Photos by: Kaitlyn Bosnjak

Milly wears her Large Organic Pendant Necklace, Large Organic Earrings, Small Signet RingGold Cuffs and the Moon and Stars Ring. 

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