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Ring finishes

Polish finished rings are the most common finish on rings and jewellery.  This type of finish is very shiny and reflective. The mirror-like finish will wear to a natural worn finish as it picks up scratches over time. This dulls to a semi-polished look which can easily be re-finished with ease. 

High polished finish RUUSK rings

Satin finished rings are smooth to the touch like like polished finish rings. However, it 
diffuses light rather than reflecting it, producing a more subdued appearance.  This type of finish is best for those who like the smoothness of a polished finish ring, but do not want the shininess of that finish.

Satin finish RUUSK rings

A brushed finish is similar to a satin finish.  Both, the satin finish and the brush finish are not shiny.  The difference is that a brushed finish has a texture to it.  You can see tiny brush-like marks on the finish.  This type of finish is very popular on men's bands as scratches will not be as visible on the ring's surface as it's worn.

Brushed finish RUUSK rings



RUUSK Ring finishes

*Please note that these are reference images. Finishing may look slightly different on your ring depending on the ring style.