A high polished finish, the most common finish on jewellery, makes the surface of a special piece very shiny and reflective. As all of our special pieces are designed for daily wear, your ring will gain some fine little scratches over time. The mirror-like finish will wear to a natural worn finish as it develops its own patina. However, this can easily be re-polished to return your piece to its original shine.

high polished finish ring


A matt finish is a soft, non-shiny finish with a slight texture to it. Alloys tend to look a little darker with this finish as it diffuses the light rather than reflecting it. Over time, this matt finish will fade to a smoother texture across the surface of your piece. At any stage, you would be easily able to re-mattify your piece to return its surface to its original textured aesthetic.

ring with matt finishWhether you choose a high polished or matt finish, there isn't a wrong choice! Both high polished and matt finishes will wear off over time and, with daily love and wear, both finishes will eventually meet each other somewhere in the middle. This is because all finishes fade with wear over time. However, if in a few or several years you notice your finishing has faded, you would be more than welcome to re-polish or re-mattify your special piece. 


We've found that most prefer to omit rhodium plating when choosing a matt White Gold piece as this allows the natural warmer white tones (9ct & 14ct) or the beautiful dark white grey tones (18ct) of White Gold to come through; rhodium plating gives White Gold a brighter, whiter appearance. As such, we generally omit rhodium plating on our matt White Gold pieces. However, if you would prefer to include rhodium plating on your White Gold matt piece, please let us know. 

*Please note that these are reference images. Finishing may look slightly different on your ring depending on the ring style.