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Found in a colour spectrum of near-colourless to brown or olive green, Black Diamonds are a wonderful addition to your special piece, adding a unique and dramatic beauty. A symbol of reconciliation in Italian culture, it was believed that touching a black stone would bring a couple good fortune in their marriage and help them work through any marital issues.

There are three main theories of how Black Diamonds came into existence. Some scientists believe Black Diamonds were formed via a meteoric impact whilst others believe they were created through radiation. However, our favourite theory is that these gems have an origin in outer space. Crystallised in the cosmos, this theory suggests that these diamonds arrived on Earth via an asteroid crash 2 - 4 million years ago. They’re literally out of this world!

Natural Black Diamonds develop their colour from large quantities, known as clouds, of very minute mineral inclusions extended all through the stone. These minerals include large amounts of graphite, along with other chemicals like pyrite and hematite; the large amount of graphite is what results in the black stain of the diamonds. 

Although, natural Black Diamonds are incredibly rare and can only be found in two places on the Earth so most black diamonds in the current market have been heat-treated. This treatment exposes white, yellow or grey diamonds to high heat and radiation and sometimes extreme pressure. This results in the ‘graphitisation’ of their fractures, turning them black and also makes them a wonderful choice for individuals who are seeking a more eco-conscious gemstone. Heat-treated Black Diamonds often require less resources to find, making them less taxing on the environment than Clear Diamonds. 

A symbol of inner strength, Black Diamonds were primarily relegated to industrial use in the 19th and 20th century because jewellers found it too difficult to cut and polish them. But with modern technology making the cutting and polishing process easier, we can now appreciate the beauty and shine a Black Diamond provides. Interestingly, Black Diamonds don’t shine in the traditional sense because they absorb light rather than reflect it. So their shine comes from their surface, which is polished like marble.

Here are some examples of very special Black Diamond pieces we’ve made below: Solid Gold Wedding rings made in AustraliaMatching pair of wedding bands featuring our Black Diamond Thin New Moon and Matt 5mm Square Band with a hidden Black DiamondSolid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaBlack Diamond Tiny Heart of Gold and Light Champagne Diamond Heart of Gold NecklaceSolid White Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaWhite Gold Crest Ring with alternating Clear and Black Diamonds  Solid Gold Jewellery made in Australia18ct Rose Gold Thin Organic & Tiny Signet with Black Diamonds

Did you know? You can personalise many of our pieces with your choice of stone, including black diamond. Speak to us here to discuss incorporating Black Diamond into your unique, handmade heirloom.

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