RUUSK Trilogy RingOur Diamond 1.25ctw Trilogy Ring 

Trilogy rings, also known as trinity rings, are a beautiful symbol of eternal love. Honouring what has been and your future path, Trilogy rings can represent a life journey in chapters, a couple’s evolution or a celebration of growth and breakthrough. This makes Trilogy Rings a wonderful option if you are searching for a ring with deeper meaning. 

Featuring three stones next to each other, trilogy rings most traditionally represent the ‘past, present and future’ with each stone representing the different chapters of life you and your partner have undergone. 

The first stone, represents the past and all the memories you have together whilst the middle stone represents the present. The middle stone is often larger as it includes a proposal and a very sincere intention of eternal love. And lastly the third stone represents all the future life adventures still to come and all the hopes and dreams you hope to fulfil. 

A symbol of love and fidelity, the Trilogy style reminds the wearer: ‘You were loved, you are loved and you will be loved’. 

However, Trilogy rings can also celebrate an individuals life journey and the many chapters of life. They can celebrate a breakthrough, change in life approach or growth in a particular area representing what was, is and will be. It’s a beautiful reminder of how wonderful you are! 

RUUSK currently offers three Trilogy Rings in our collection; our Mini, Medium and 1.25ctw Trilogy Ring. Each stone can be personalised to best reflect your life story and intentions so if you have any questions about our Trilogy Rings or would like to chat to us about personalising your very special piece, please contact us. We’re here to help! 

Solid Gold Engagement Rings made in AustraliaOur 1.25ctw Trilogy Ring featuring two navy sapphires and a centre clear diamond

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