Choosing Your Diamond Solitaire Size

Choosing Diamond Solitaire Sizes

There’s a lot to consider when choosing your solitaire diamond; size, budget, band width, stone. 

Every clear diamond used in the RUUSK collection pieces are G-F or above in colour, placing them in the Rare White colour scale and have VS clarity. Read more about our diamonds here.  

To make choosing your solitaire diamond size a little easier, we’ve broken down our solitaire diamond collection for you.

Choosing your diamond solitaire size

To begin with, we'd love to introduce our newest design...


Our brand new Mini Solitaire Ring is the smallest solitaire in our collection. With a very low bezel setting, this piece is really wearable. Think our Thin Organic band, with a nod to a traditional solitaire. It’s great for someone after a more subtle look. 

It can be chosen as an engagement ring, but it doesn’t need to be! This band stacks beautifully with lots of our other pieces.

Band Width: 2.5-2.8mm wide, rounded
Stones: 3.5mm GF/VS Clear Diamond (approx. 0.17ct)
Also available in Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald.

Starting from $1,660 with a clear diamond.



Inspired by stone skipping across a river, the Diamond Pebble has the most organic shape in our entire solitaire collection. 

Featuring a thinner band, the Pebble Ring is for those after a more dainty look. It's a popular choice with its unique and optional flush set diamond/s sitting next to the centre 0.25ct solitaire.

Band Width: 2mm wide, rounded
Stones: 4mm GF/VS Clear Diamond (approx. 0.25ct) with 1mm GF/VS Clear Diamond(s) or Navy Sapphire(s) flush set in the band.

Starting from $2,330 with a clear diamond.



A step up from the Pebble is our hand carved bezel set 0.4ct Diamond Fine Solitaire ring. 

For those after a classic, refined look with a handmade feel, this piece features our thinnest band in the range.

Band Width: 1.9mm wide approx.
Stones: 0.4ct G-F/VS GIA certified Diamond read about our Diamonds here.(Option to add 1mm Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies or Emeralds in the band).

Starting from $4,180 with a clear diamond.



With a wider band and a contemporary feel, the 0.5ct Diamond Solitaire feels really wearable on the hand.

For those looking for a more grounded take on the classic solitaire, this is for you.

Band Width: 3mm wide approx.
Stones: 0.5ct G-F/VS GIA certified Diamond. 
Option to add 1.5mm Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies or Emeralds in the band.

Starting from $6,630 with a clear diamond.



Saving our biggest solitaire until last, our largest stone in the collection is our hand carved and bezel set 0.75ct Diamond Solitaire.

A RUUSK take on the classic Solitaire Engagement Ring — absolutely timeless.

Band Width: 3mm wide approx.
Stones: 0.75ct G-F/VS GIA certified Diamond.
This ring can also be made with a 0.8ct Diamond should you prefer a larger stone.

Starting from $12,030 with a clear diamond.


Do you love the look of a gorgeous, big diamond but want to work within a specific budget? 

Reach out to us to chat about diamond alternatives like moissanite, lab grown diamonds, coloured stones or champagne diamonds. There are lots of beautiful to suit every budget. 

View our Solitaire collection here, or reach out to us to enquire about your Solitaire Ring Ring.

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