Charlotte's Mini Stellar & Diamond Supernova

Charlotte and Tim had a special set designed to honour the birth of their first son, Coen. When we met up to design her piece, Charlotte had full intentions of commissioning one ring, but left with two, to honour her story. We are truly thrilled to be sharing Charlotte's story with you.

Tell us about your special pieces and how they relate to your family?

Tim and I had our special pieces designed and crafted by Tania to honour and celebrate the arrival of our first son Coen. The road to Coen for us, was a long one. I shared with my Mother In law that we were designing a piece and she decided to gift us a special diamond from Coen's Pappa in heaven. In the meeting I had full intentions of commissioning one ring, but we left with two because they told the story and honoured each member of our story most accurately. 

RUUSK Stellar and Mini Supernova Ring

"There is no best mum, but to your baby, you are the best."

How did you feel when you saw your rings for the very first time?

I was in shock to be honest, I had complete faith in Tania and her craft, but I don't think I prepared myself for just how above my hopes and expectations they were. The fact that I got to go home with these pieces made me smile from ear to ear.

To me these rings tell a story, and Tania was able to hear the heart and emotion behind my desire for these pieces. There are elements of the design to the unknowing eye that would just look like pretty rings, but the way my Supernova ring sits above my Mini Stellar ring speaks to me in ways I find hard to articulate. That even through the darkest of nights, the quiet and loneliness and private nighttime battles the sun will always eventually rise. There is always a new day, with new hope and possibilities. So yeah.... I loved them! I often catch myself just staring at them still to this day!

Charlotte's Mini Stellar Ring with her Supernova Diamond Ring

What is a favourite memory you have of Coen?

As a family we have a van and take it on lots of adventures, the first time we journeyed out together I will never forget. We slept in the back together, I remember hearing ocean waves crashing on the rocks, holding his hand, I could feel his quiet breathing gently close to my face, and the gentleness of this forming relationship.  My husband Tim whispered to me, 'Is this even real'. One of those pinch me weekends, waking at sunrise, sipping coffee to coffee, our first family Hike; 11km through the Royal National Park and clinking glasses of wine together as Coen slept at sunset.

Charlotte's Mini Stellar and Diamond Supernova Ring

What knowledge and life lessons would you like to pass down to your son?

Smiling is underrated and that there is a lot to think about, but nothing to worry about. 

RUUSK family stories

What words of wisdom do you think would be helpful for other new Mums? 

There is no best mum, but to your baby, you are the best; perfectly capable, loving, nurturing and a home. Never forget that you are that home to them, where they can dwell in safety. Look after yourself, your passions, the words you say, the meditations of your heart, the company you keep. And like a home, there are many rooms in need of care, love and attention. Also let others cook for you and prepare meals haha… if you can avoid having to cook or even choose what you eat for the first 2 weeks it is a game changer!

RUUSK Mum and Baby

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