Craig's Hand Engraved Signet Ring

RUUSK Hand Engraved Classic Signet Ring

We are excited to share with you this special surprise piece that was thoughtfully personalised for Craig's 50th Birthday. A modern heirloom that will be treasured forever. 

How did you feel when you received your special Signet?

I felt loved and appreciated as it was a surprise gift for a milestone birthday, symbolising a time in my life that I’ve been long waiting for. I felt like I’d received a gift that I will have for a lifetime.

Craig's Hand Engraved Classic Signet RingCraig's Classic Signet Ring with Hand Engraved Initial on the face

Your ring has some special details, can you tell us about the significance of these?

My ring has my last initial on the face, for everyone to see. On the inside of the band are two diamonds representing my children. The diamonds are both symbolic of their birthstone and the great joy they bring to my life. My Dream Girl, the giver of this gift, is hand engraved under the face of the Signet, touching my heart through my skin.

Hand Engraved Gold Signet Ring

Craig's ring has a personalised hand engraved message on the inside along with two flush-set diamonds

How do you feel when you look down at your ring?

I feel proud to be the custodian of such a unique piece of jewellery that has been personalised just for me. And I look forward to the compliments I receive when I wear it.

What does this ring mean to you?

It represents the people that I love and is a physical reminder of them every time I look at my hand.

Craig's Hand Engraved Signet Ring

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