Laser Engraved Oval Signet Ring 

Engraving is like writing a love letter that will last forever. It’s a special way to mark keepsakes with permanent messages and symbols to tell beautiful stories of the people, places and events you are connected to. 

Engraving is the art of ‘carving’ letters, numbers, words or designs into hard surfaces. At RUUSK we offer two engraving options to make your special piece that little bit more thoughtful.

RUUSK Rose Gold small signet with Hand engraving Hand Engraved Small Signet Ring

1. Hand Engraving:

The oldest and most laborious method is hand engraving where characters and images are hand carved into metal like miniature works of art! Performed by a talented and experienced artisan and a small steel graver, hand engraving is a unique artform that requires decades of training to master. Due to the high level of skill this is a more expensive form of engraving and requires additional time.

The hand engravers that we work with are true artists and are absolutely wonderful at what they do. They don't provide any mockups so it does require an element of trust but they always come up with a beautiful design that suits the piece, letters and engraving style requested.  

***Hand engraving is available by special request. Please contact us if you're interested in creating a very special hand engraved heirloom piece.

RUUSK Hand engraved Gold Signet ring, handmade in AustraliaRUUSK Hand engraved Classic Gold Signet ring

Hand engraved Classic Signet ring for him or her

RUUSK Gold Mens Long Signet with Hand engraving

Hand Engraved Men's Long Signet 

2. Laser Engraving:

Laser Engraving allows for precise engraving using specific fonts or even image files. It is the most modern method for engraving, where a highly concentrated laser beam is used to perform the engraving, and the thickness of the beam changes the overall width of the engraving.

Since the lettering is created digitally, you are able to choose from a selection of fonts. Laser engraving can be used to replicate logos, images or handwriting and is available as an option on all of our rings. 

This precision style engraving allows us to create fine lines and tiny lettering, making it possible to engrave even our thinnest bands.

You can add laser engraving to the inside of your ring or the reverse of your pendant directly via our online store. Simply visit our individual product listings to add engraving and to choose your desired font. 

Laser Engraved Diamond Tiny Signet Ring

RUUSK Classic Signet ring with laser engraving

Laser Engraved Classic Signet Ring

Ruusk Tiny Hearts

Laser Engraved Mama & Baby Heart Necklace 

You can choose from our suggested laser engraving fonts:

RUUSK jewellery laser engraving fonts

Either method you choose will suit each piece differently and will be sure to elevate the intimate connection with your unique heirloom piece. 

Did you know - You can customise any of our ring pieces with personalised laser engraving. Shop and customise your piece with laser engraving here or contact us to talk about adding hand engraving to your treasure. 


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