June Birthstone Alexandrite Ruusk
June’s birthstone is Alexandrite  — a rare and mysterious stone. Alexandrite is very special due to its remarkable colour-changing qualities. Shifting notably from green to red tones, depending on the light, it has long been called the “Emerald by day, Ruby by night”. 

Originally discovered in the Ural Mountains in Russia in the early 19th Century, the stone is rarer than many other stones and also more expensive.  Alexandrite is actually a very rare color-change variety of the mineral chrysoberyl and in order to be confirmed as Alexandrite, the gem must fall in the colour change from green (bluish-green) to red (reddish-purple / pinkish purple). The deposits in Russia where the stone was first found didn’t last too long and nowadays most Alexandrite comes from Brazil, East Africa and Sri Lanka. 

Those born in June share not only Alexandrite, but also Pearl and Moonstone as their birthstone. You lucky June babies have loads of choice! 

According to legends of Russia, those who wear Alexandrite receive the many benefits of the gemstone including good fortune, love and good luck. It has been said that Alexandrite assists in helping us strive towards excellence via its assistance with discipline and self-control.

Alexandrite is also believed to bring balance between the interaction between the physical world and the spiritual/not yet manifest world. 

A very special gemstone indeed!

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