RUUSK Italian Style Wedding

In the beautiful grounds at Ripponlea Estate, Gabriel and Chelsea exchanged vows, laughing and dancing the whole day through. Recreating the feel of Sicily in the 1950's through their decor, their day brought traditional Italian wedding rituals of bygone eras to the modern day. We're sending a very big congratulations to these lovely high school sweethearts!

RUUSK Italian Style Wedding

How did you meet?

In year 10 we had the option to do dancing classes with the brother/sister schools in the area. We must have danced together but both don’t remember! It was only at the following social gatherings that we became friends and then eventually in the middle of year 12 – a couple.

RUUSK Italian Style Wedding

What is one of your favourite memories of each other when you were in the early stages of dating?

We were so young and enjoyed all the moments of finishing school and becoming young adults together. Going to music festivals and gigs with our friends is something that we found we enjoyed so much and we made so many magical memories. We hope it is something we will always do together.

RUUSK Italian Style Wedding
What was really important to you both on your special day?

We were so excited to have all our family and friends together again but also wanted to ensure we had plenty of time of ‘just us’ on the day. We have memories of both beautiful intimate moments and shared time with our loved ones. It was also important to us to bring the Italian wedding traditions of bygone eras back to the forefront. Having a live band, Italian card & sugar almond bonbonierre, the ribbon dance and the decor and styling all helped to achieve this - we truly felt transported to Sicily in the 1950s - pure magic!
RUUSK Italian Style Wedding

What was, or were some of, your favourite moments from your wedding?

There was magic all through the day. Some of our favourite moments included our beautiful priest’s homily, laughing and celebrating after the ceremony, traipsing through the beautiful grounds at Ripponlea Estate with our close family and bridal party, entering our beautiful reception to the swoon of the band, all of the amazing speeches and dancing the night away!

RUUSK Italian Style Wedding

What do you love most about your wedding rings and how did you find your experience with RUUSK?

We adore our beautiful RUUSK rings. We both love the traditional gold jewellery we saw adorned on our parents and grandparents growing up and wanted to start our own collection. Our journey began with designing Chelsea’s engagement ring. We wanted something that looked like it could have been made in ancient Rome with a touch of the celestial and a polished, modern finish. Tania curated the most beautiful sun-inspired ring, and it was no question we wanted to add to our collection with wedding bands of a complimentary theme. The team at RUUSK are ever patient and caring and we have had the best experience working with them. We are so happy with our precious heirlooms and cannot wait to continue to grow our collection as our family grows.

RUUSK Italian Style Wedding

What are you two both really looking forward to in your next chapter of married life together?

We are currently enjoying settling in our first home together and hope to see more of the world in the next year or two. Long term we hope to start a family and grow our careers. We hope to manifest a life abundant in love, family and magical memories.

RUUSK Italian Style Wedding

RUUSK Italian Style Wedding

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Photographer: (Lei Lei Clavey/LeiLeiClaveyPhotography)
Location: (Xavier College Chapel & Ripponlea Estate / Showtime Event Group)
Wedding dress designer: (Cappellazzo Couture/Cappellazzocouture)
Hair & Make up: (Ellas Bridal Hair, Lauren Della Makeup/Ellasbridalhair & Laurendellmakeup)
Flowers: (Tremella Botanicals/tremellabotanicals)
Stationary: (Edith Rose (invitations only) other stationary was DIY /edithrose_studio)

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