Michaela's Champagne Diamond Solis Ring

Michaela's Champagne Diamond Solis Ring
We had the pleasure of collaborating with Dan to create a gorgeous and unique engagement ring for Michaela — a stunning Champagne Diamond Solis Ring.  Dan organised an intimate proposal (and photographer to capture the moment) and surprised Michaela in the most beautiful way!


How did you meet?
Michaela - I had just gotten off a flight from New York and decided I needed to make an appearance in a uni elective I had already missed two weeks of. Jet lagged and feeling terrible I walked into the classroom and sitting there with his long curly hair was Dan (a guy I had matched with on Tinder a few months prior). We had chatted but hadn’t been able to secure a date. Needless to say after a few embarrassed glances at each other we started talking again and the rest is history. I like to think fate had a little something to do with it.


What are your star signs?
I’m a sensitive Pisces and Dan’s a big hearted Leo.

Champagne Diamond Solis Ring
Tell us about the proposal, was Michaela surprised?
Dan - I knew I wanted to surprise Michaela in a big way, so I organised a friend to send an enquiry through to her photography business (AM For Love Studio) for a photoshoot to take place in the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. She accepted the job for the 17th of December and my plans began.
I planted the seed that it was bring your dog to work day coming up so on the morning of the “photoshoot” I pretended to go to work as normal, but with our dog Frankie. Michaela was scheduled to meet for her shoot at a specific location pinned in google maps that I had gotten my friend to send her.
When she arrived she saw me standing there with Frankie down on one knee. I had also organised her friend Liz (Liz Barnes Photo) to capture the whole thing. Michaela was so surprised and very emotional. It was perfect.

Michaela's Champagne Diamond Solis Ring
How did you feel when you first saw your ring?

Michaela - Absolutely overwhelmed and so in love! I couldn’t believe it was mine to look at on my finger for the rest of my life. It was perfect in every way and so much better than I ever could have imagined. My only request I had hinted to Dan was that when the time came to propose I didn’t want my ring to be traditional as it just wouldn’t feel like me. He nailed it, obviously!

Michaela's Champagne Diamond Solis Engagement Ring
Dan, how did you find your experience with RUUSK and choosing the Solis Ring for Michaela?

Dan - My experience with RUUSK was fantastic. They made everything feel so easy and gave me great faith that they would create a truly beautiful piece that Michaela would treasure forever. It was very exciting going through the whole process with RUUSK and choosing a stone that was right for her. Once we decided on a Champagne diamond I loved getting to see and select exactly which one would be set in her ring as they are all so unique.

What excites you most about this exciting next chapter of life together?  
We can’t wait to get married, start a family (we'll add to our family which already includes us and our fur baby Frankie) and continue to experience life together, creating beautiful memories. 

Michaela's Champagne Diamond Solis Engagement Ring
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Engagement shoot by Liz Barnes

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