Nat's Signet Ring and Family Pendants

For many, jewellery is a family heirloom that links generations together. Pieces are passed down from grandparents to children to keep memories alive long after loved ones have passed on. 

For Nat, creating a signet ring for herself and pendant pieces for her mum and sister act as a constant reminder that her family is with her everywhere she goes.

custom signet ring with engraving - RUUSK jewellry

1.) Tell us about your special pieces and how these are linked to your family.

When I was growing up, I would see my grandfather wearing his big gold square shaped signet ring with his initials L.E.G engraved on the face. He would only wear it when he left the house, and then place it back in his drawer when he returned home. I remember always opening his drawer and trying it on. It was so big and so heavy on my little fingers and we would laugh about the size difference of our hands when we placed them together.

Our family is small, with my grandparents, my mum and sister spending a lot of time together. It was always the five of us. We were my grandfathers 'girls' and he loved spending his time with us no matter what we were doing. I wanted to create something that related to my grandparents but also us as a whole, to help capture their essence so we could carry it with us. custom signet ring and bespoke diamond pendant - RUUSK heirloom jewellry

2.) Why did you decide to create these special pieces with RUUSK?

I had always wanted a signet ring and I had been searching for the right jeweller to work with for a long time. I found Tania and instantly fell in love with her work but I mostly fell for her passionate philosophy - "modern heirlooms created with intention." I connected to that straight away because that's exactly what I was looking to create. I wanted to have these pieces made with love from the very beginning, even before I gave them to my mum and sister.

Tania made the whole process so effortless - calls, emails, mock up images, it didn't even matter that I was based in Melbourne. I trusted that she was going to produce the most amazing pieces. I'm so grateful for is the way Tania was first interested in my story and who the pieces were intended for. Then came the design which I think made these treasures come together even better than I had imagined.

3.) What do you love most about your special ring?

I love everything about my signet ring. I look down at my ring countless times during the day and seeing my grandparent's handwriting engraved makes me smile. This ring is a constant reminder that they are with me everywhere I go. From the first moment I put on my ring, it felt like it belonged to me and I feel so grateful to be wearing it every day.

custom signet ring with engraving and true north diamond star - RUUSK jewellry
4.) How did your Mother and Sister respond when you presented them with their pendants?

Both my mum and sister were very overwhelmed with emotion when I surprised them with their pendants. I explained that the design of the five diamonds was to represent each of us, together as one. They love the connection they feel to the handwriting engraved on the other side. There is something so romantic about the way their letters sit so perfectly together.

They have worn their pendants every day and when I look at them, the pieces sit so comfortably on them that I know they will be treasured for many years to come. We feel my grandparents would be proud that we are creating new traditions and that we included them in these pieces.

diamond pendants with engraving - RUUSK jewellry5.) What’s a favourite memory you have of your Grandparents?

One of my favourite memories of my grandparents is setting the table for a meal together. My nana was an amazing cook. She could make the most delicious meal out of very few ingredients. We each had our designated spots at the table. My sister sat beside our grandfather, I sat beside my nana and my mum at the head of the table.

My sister and I would help set the table with a linen table cloth, napkins and fresh crusty bread. We looked forward to these meals together at least once a week. This was a part of our family tradition and a way to honour our Spanish heritage. We would share a meal together and tell stories, sing songs and practise our Spanish together. This time spent at the dining table is called sobremesa.

Nat's grandparents at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

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