RUUSK Couples: Aaron & Simone

Aaron and Simone were drawn to RUUSK's organic design style and wanted to work with ethical gold and local stones. Using a special Sapphire mined from Simone's father's gem mine, and Australian Diamonds the couple worked with Tania to create a unique engagement ring and wedding bands.
Keep reading to learn about their equally unique elopement in Hobart.

1.) Describe each other in three words?

Simone to Aaron: Intelligent, witty, and handsome.

Aaron to Simone: Adventurous, funny, and caring.Aaron and Simone's sapphire and Australian gold engagement rings
2.) Where did you get married and what did you love most about your wedding day?

We got married at the Dark Mofo Nude Solstice Swim in Hobart! We wanted to elope but wanted it to be memorable so somehow that was the happy medium we landed on. Just being at the event with our two best friends and participating in a freezing nude swim was incredibly fun and exhilarating, but to also get married right before the dash added so much to the day. The applause from 1000 people in white towels and red swim caps is something that will always stay with us. The rings even got to take a dip!

Aaron and simone's wedding day - bespoke sapphire engagement ring - RUUSK jewelry 3.) What drew you to choose RUUSK for your rings?

We’re not sure how and when we stumbled upon RUUSK, but when we did, we knew that we could stop looking anywhere else. Tania’s organic style along with her values in sourcing ethical gold and local stones really aligned with our own values in trying to create less of a footprint with our consumption. Tania was amazing to work with and the rings are a testament to her talent in design and creation of beautiful bespoke jewellery.

RUUSK bespoke engagement ring and wedding bands
4.) Can you tell us about the Sapphire in Simone’s engagement ring? How is this special to your family?

Simone’s sapphire was mined by her father at his own gem mine in Central Queensland many years ago. He gave this stone to me when I asked for permission to marry Simone and I knew it was the perfect stone for her.

Aaron and simone's wedding photo - sapphire diamond engagement ring, RUUSK jewelry 5.) What excites you most about life together?

We’re excited for whatever comes our way. Right now, we are planning more overseas holidays and looking to move cities and start fresh. But mostly just keeping up our little happy traditions we have at home, and more nude solstice swims until we’re the oldest couple there!

wedding imagery by @weddingsbythewilde


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