How To Personalise Your Special Piece

Solid Gold Jewellery made in Australia Matching Oval Signets for three sisters, 
each personalised with a 2mm Flush-set Champagne Diamond, Emerald and Yellow Sapphire
We create solid gold modern heirlooms that are durable, designed for daily wear and intended to last through multiple generations. To encourage meaningful and intimate connection with your treasured piece, all of our pieces are customisable with your choice of stone, stone setting, stone placement and engraving. This means you can create a very special piece connected to your precious stories and loved ones. 
To show you how you can personalise your very special piece, with examples, we've focused on our Oval Signet. However, the options to personalise your treasured heirloom are limitless, these are just a few of our favourite ideas:
Idea 1: choose a different stone shape
Solid Gold Jewellery made in Australia Akari & Megumi's matching Oval Signets with baguette salt & pepper diamonds; a very special pair of pieces to celebrate lifelong friendship

Solid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaTayla created Sophie's Oval Signet personalised with a baguette citrine, princess cut clear diamond and round salt & pepper diamond; Tayla specifically wanted a salt & pepper diamond and an orange/yellow stone (Sophie's favourite colour!) Solid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaKaitlyn personalised her Oval Signet with a marquise tanzanite, her Grandmother's birthstone, in honour of her Grandmother who passed

Idea 2: play with stone sizeSolid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaMon proposed to Tara with a Platinum 3mm Diamond Oval Signet Ring. Wanting an androgynous style, Mon opted for a larger stone to celebrate the occasion Solid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaSimilarly, Cait proposed to Rita with a 3mm Diamond Oval Signet Ring opting for a salt & pepper diamond  

Idea 3: incorporate hand or laser engravingSolid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaSofia surprised Lucas with a hand-engraved Oval Signet; their birthstones are flush-set on either side, next to their respective initial Solid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaTo celebrate the arrival of baby Bowie, Chelsea & Kristien laser engraved a 'B' in Font 2 next to a green tourmaline (Bowie's birthstone)

Idea 4: include birthstones to represent a loved oneSolid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaJames proposed to Lily with a personalised Oval Signet featuring both of their birthstones - Navy Sapphire and TanzaniteSolid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaJacqui's Moon & Star Oval Signet Ring with a peridot moon and citrine star to represent her very loved two children 

 Made to order just for you, you can peruse all of our special pieces here. Or, if you have any questions or would like some assistance, contact us here to discuss the beautiful details of your own very special modern heirloom.

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