Solid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaWith a long history as a beautiful object of desire, there is a reason Clear Diamonds are considered a traditional choice for engagement rings. And as one of the hardest substances known to man, diamonds have come to symbolise the forever love and commitment that comes with marriage. However, for all their beauty and durability, not everyone is drawn to Clear Diamonds. 

Whether it's aesthetics or you're looking for a more budget friendly option, if you're deciding whether to or not to go down the non-traditional diamond route we’ve put together a guide on the best alternative engagement ring stone options below: 

Things to consider

When you are personalising your RUUSK engagement ring, it’s worth bearing in mind that not every stone is ideal for everyday wear. This is predominately due to stones having different hardness ratings, also known as the Mohs rating, which grades stones from 1 to 10 based on their scratch resistance. 

Stones with lower Mohs ratings (7.5 and under) mean that they are more susceptible to damage and chipping, making some stone options unsuitable for an engagement ring. And if you are more hard-wearing on your hands, we strongly recommend opting for a stronger stone, the strongest being Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies.

Should you decide to opt for a coloured stone, it sounds simple, but make sure it's a colour you really love! Clear Diamonds are popular because they're timeless and their neutral tone makes them very versatile and suitable for a range of aesthetics. So consider how the colour suits your aesthetic and personality and opt for a stone that you feel innately connected to.

+ partners, if you are proposing to your loved one but your partner hasn't specified they want a coloured stone, we would always recommend a colourless stone as the safest option. 

So, let's explore some Alternative Stone Options: 

Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Like all natural diamonds, these speckled gems were formed below the Earth’s surface billions of years ago. Incorporating a mix of many black and white inclusions, this gemstone can have a mysterious, smokey, wild and raw aesthetic. 

No two are ever the same and each Salt & Pepper Diamond is celebrated for their inclusions which make them so unique. Many believe the imperfections found in Salt & Pepper Diamonds provide a sentimental metaphor for marriage; love encompassing all, including your ‘imperfections’. 

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Champagne Diamonds

Varying from honey-hued, golden-toned rich cognacs to light yellow tones reminiscent of Champagne, Champagne Diamonds are a part of a small family of gems called ‘fancy coloured diamonds’. 

Retaining the strength of a Clear Diamond, Champagne Diamonds were once discarded because they weren't the perfect ‘colourless’ diamond traditionally considered 'ideal'. However, they’re now much more celebrated and, like Salt & Pepper Diamonds, they are also thought to be a more sustainable option as they require less resources to find, making them less taxing on the environment than Clear Diamonds.Solid Gold Jewellery made in Australia

Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds can be a beautiful choice for those who are drawn to a bold aesthetic. A symbol of reconciliation in Italian culture, it was believed that touching a black stone would bring a couple good fortune in their marriage. 

There are three main theories of how natural Black Diamonds came into existence. Some scientists believe Black Diamonds were formed via a meteoric impact whilst others believe they were created through radiation. Our favourite belief is that these gems have an origin in outer space. This theory suggests that these diamonds arrived on earth via an asteroid crash 2 - 4 million years ago.They’re literally out of this world!

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Lab-Grown Diamonds

Technically still a Clear Diamond, Lab-Grown Diamonds are considered an alternative due to their differing origin. Generally more affordable, when compared to Clear Diamonds of similar size and clarity, you can read more about Lab-Grown Diamonds here.


The second-hardest gemstone known to man, Moissanite is a highly durable gemstone suitable for everyday wear. A gemstone literally born from the stars, Moissanite captures the shine and beauty of a star from far, far away. 

As a Moissanite requires far less labour than a Clear Diamond, they are more affordable, making them an attractive and beautiful diamond alternative. This makes Moissanite an excellent choice for individuals who want the look of a large diamond but are more price conscious.

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Solid Gold Jewellery made in Australia


Perhaps most recognised in shades of Blue, Sapphires can come in a range of colours, including Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Purple with Violet being the rarest. Some Sapphires can actually exhibit multiple colours i.e. Parti Sapphires, which can feature shades of Blue, Green or Yellow. These beautiful stones are predominately found in Australia, along with Australian Navy and Teal Sapphires, making these stones a wonderful option if you a looking for a locally sourced stone. (We can also source Australian Diamonds, including Australian Champagne Diamonds, upon request).

For centuries Sapphires have been associated with royalty and romance with Britain’s Prince Charles proposing to Princess Diana with a Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring. This stone is also been known to have healing powers, which you can read about here.


Commanding the highest per-carat price of any coloured stone, Rubies can, in instances, be as expensive as a Clear Diamond. Boasting the same properties as Sapphires*, Rubies have a rich history. In ancient cultures, it was believed that Rubies held the power of life due to their similarity to the colour of blood. 

Rubies have retained their cultural significance and continue to be a symbol of health, wealth, wisdom and success in love. And as a symbol of passion, Ruby has always been an ideal romantic gift. 

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*Both Sapphires & Rubies are gem varieties of the mineral corundum, meaning they have the same chemical composition and structure. What differentiates these two stones is their colour, dictated by certain metals contained in the mineral. Corundum is one of the hardest known natural substance after diamond making Rubies & Sapphires a really durable option for an engagement ring.Solid Gold Jewellery made in Australia

Many of our very special pieces can be customised with your choice of stone. Customise your engagement ring here or please contact us to talk about stone options for your unique, modern heirloom. We can't wait to hear from you!

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