Phoebe's Crescent Moon & Stars Necklace

Solid Gold Jewellery made in Sydney and Newcastle. Emerald Solid Gold Necklace. Graduation and Anniversary Gifts.We're absolutely thrilled to bring you the gorgeous story of Phoebe, newly graduated from her midwifery degree & her partner, Jackson. Surprising Phoebe with an Emerald Crescent Moon to celebrate her graduation and their 5th anniversary, Jackson spent much time and thought into the meaning and design of Phoebe's special piece. Congratulations Phoebe & Jackson, we hope you treasure this beautiful heirloom for your lifetime to come! 

Jackson, how would you describe Phoebe? And Phoebe, how would you describe Jackson?

Jackson: I describe Phoebe as a beautiful soul with a peaceful and calm personality who I love dearly.     
Phoebe: I would describe Jackson as a caring, fun loving human who is obsessed with all things to do with his car and camping. However, he is more than this. He is the most beautiful and thoughtful man who takes care of me! The love I have for him is indescribable. 
Emerald and Diamond Solid Yellow Gold Necklace made In Sydney and Newcastle, Australia
Phoebe's Crescent Moon & Stars Necklace, personalised with a Centre Emerald
Jackson, how does this necklace celebrate Phoebe? And was there a particular reason you chose specific design details? 
This necklace celebrated our 5th anniversary as well as Phoebe graduating from a Bachelor of Midwifery. I chose this design as I was initially caught by the crescent moon itself. I know Phoebe trusts in the universe and she truly believes everything happens for a reason within this world. Therefore, the moon was very symbolic of this. 
Phoebe has always had a love for the colour green, probably because she immerses herself within the natural beauty of mother nature. So the emerald was perfect. I wanted the diamonds either side to add to the piece without taking away the beauty. When I gave it to her I said I was the emerald, one stone was her best friend, granny, and the other her much loved dog Timmy. I explained we would be with her wherever she went as long as she wore the necklace. 
Emerald and Diamond Solid Yellow Gold Necklace handmade in AustraliaPhoebe, how did you feel when Jackson surprised you with your Emerald Crescent Moon Necklace?
I initially saw the label RUUSK and nearly passed out! He knew I loved the brand and everything it stood for. So the fact he remembered and surprised me with something from RUUSK took me by surprise. When I opened the box, I burst into tears when I saw the emerald. I knew immediately he had customised the design and this meant the world to me. He took time in curating a very special piece. It meant more than anything for him to recognise our anniversary and my graduation as he was by my side the three years through the trials and successes of what it brought!
Phoebe, after finishing your full-time midwifery degree (congratulations!), what has been the greatest takeaway from this life chapter? And what are you both particularly looking forward to in your next life adventure? 
The greatest takeaway from Graduation was that I did it! It also taught me the power, strength and resilience women hold and that that is invaluable. We have been together for nearly 5 years (7 years since starting to date) and we can’t wait for what the future holds. I (Phoebe), particularly can’t wait for that even more special ring on my left hand that I hope to curate with you guys again!
I (Jackson), also hope for this too but more importantly a future of happiness together and whatever that may hold. 
Solid Gold Jewellery made in Sydney and Newcastle. Emerald Solid Gold Necklace. Graduation and Anniversary Gifts.
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