Amidst the alleyways of Tokyo, under twinkling lights and sprinkling rain, Natashia said "yes" to the rest of her life with Siga. These rekindled high school sweethearts, whose fates have seemingly always been intertwined, have embarked on a magical journey together. 

We had the pleasure of speaking to the happy couple about their shared past and the excitement surrounding the beginning of a lifelong adventure together filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.



How did you and Siga meet? Or, what are some of your favourite memories of each other in the early stages of dating?

Back when we were in school, we dated for a couple of months but broke up when we decided to go to different schools. Long story short, we met again in Perth by chance at the same university and the flame was rekindled. 

We used to take long bus rides everywhere as Siga did not have a car back then and we enjoyed it so much, being able to just be together and have long talks along the way!

How would you describe each other in three words?

I would describe Siga as loving, funny and witty. And Siga would describe me as a hopeless romantic!



 We loved seeing your proposal in Japan - what does this destination mean to you both?

We both love Japan so much - especially Tokyo. We finally saved enough money to go together to our favourite country. I honestly did not expect this proposal at all, which makes it even more memorable. Growing up, I had family in Japan, but this was our first trip overseas together! 


Siga proposed with a Mini Solitaire Ring, personalised with 2 x Star-set Navy Sapphires


Tell us about your proposal, and what were some treasured memories from this day

I love taking photos, so I mentioned to Siga that I would book a photographer to capture us in Tokyo.

Little did I know, he had then separately contacted our photographer with the news that he was planning a surprise proposal - I wasn’t expecting this at all! On the day of the proposal, it was raining and we were soaking wet.

In order to keep everything a secret, Siga and the photographer agreed on a code word for when he was about to get on one knee. While wandereing the streets of Tokyo, Siga said, "Let’s do a titanic pose!” Understandably, I was super confused as to why we would want to do a titanic pose in the middle of an alleyway! It was at that moment, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I went blank - it seems so did Siga - as he put the ring on my right hand.

After a few seconds, I finally realised what happened and broke down crying.



What are you most excited about in this next chapter together?

Having someone that I know will always stand beside me, be there for me no matter what life throws at me, in happy or sad times. He always works so hard to make me happy. He even did more overtimes at work when he was about to buy the ring, as he knows I loved it so much and I have told him multiple times that I want this ring. 

We know that we will always support each other and have such a wonderful adventure together

Just grateful we get to spend it with each other



We are so excited to hear the happy news all the way from Tokyo, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for the couple. Congratulations once again Natashia & Siga!

Photographer | @honoca.miyazaki

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