Heading to an ocean-side cliff top where their love story first began, Rachel said ‘yes' to forever by Stu’s side amidst the gentle February breeze. From friends to lovers and now fiancés, their journey unfolds like a tale spun from the stars. Entrusting us with their precious love story, we spoke with them about some special moments from the proposal, and what the future holds for the newly engaged couple.

How did you meet? Or, what are some of your favourite memories of each other in the early stages of dating?

Rach: We first met because we both moved from interstate to study music at a creative arts college. We were just friends for years before getting together. At some stage we found ourselves really enjoying each others’ company, spending more time together and slowly something romantic developed. 

How would you describe each other in three words?

Rach: I would describe Stu as Thoughtful, Loyal and Creative

Stu: Rachel is Caring, Timeless and Cheeky

Stuart, when did you know that you wanted to propose? And how did you propose to Rach?

There wasn't a specific moment for me, but the "knowing" came over time as Rach and I grew in our relationship and love for each other; it was through the highs and lows of life. 

I decided to propose at the same location where we had our first date! A Friday evening around sunset on a headland just high enough to catch the sunset too -  the sun, however, had other plans & went into hiding! I planned a dinner with some friends to celebrate Rach's birthday as the 'ruse', creating an easy opportunity for me to tell Rach 'it's a nice restaurant so dress up!'

In order to get Rach to the headland before 'dinner' and without suspicion, I planned for a couple friends to have ‘pre-drinks’ with us on the headland. Our friend's arrived before us to help set up the picnic and make the magic happen.

As a final surprise, I arranged for Rach's sister & best friend to fly down from the Sunshine Coast to be there to celebrate! We drank some Champagne by the ocean, then went to 4 Pines Brewery for a Parmy & a Pint to celebrate! 

Rach, what did you love most about your special moment?

It was really special getting engaged in the spot we had our very first date. It was made even more special by all our closest friends hiding nearby, ready to celebrate with us. 

What are you both really excited about in this next chapter together?

We are really excited to get all the people we love together in one place to celebrate our marriage! We are also excited to do some fun travel together.

We are truly over-the-moon for this happy couple and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. Congratulations once again Rachel and Stu - we are so happy for you!

Photographer | Jesikah Rodriguez @byjesikah

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