RUUSK Couples: Anna & Tim

Originally from England and Ireland, Anna and Tim now call Australia home. For their wedding, they travelled back to Tim's hometown in Ireland to tie the knot. They chose to create bespoke rings with RUUSK so that, no matter where they end up, they'll always carry a piece of Australia with them.

1.) Describe each other in three words:

We would both describe each other as: kind, funny and determined (the three traits that connected us to begin with!)

2.) Where did you get married and what did you love most about your wedding day?

We got married in Cork, Ireland (Tim's hometown) and the absolute BEST part of our day was when we were looking around the room during the ceremony and seeing so many faces from every corner of the world and our two worlds colliding. There they were, all under one roof and they were all there (some having traveled crazy distances) just for us! How spoilt are we?!

RUUSK handmade wedding bands. Personalised heirloom jewellery
3.) Tell us about the ring warming ceremony at your wedding? Why was this important to you?

The ring warming was very important to us and it was something our celebrant had offered as part of the Humanist tradition - we immediately loved the idea. With so many people coming together and with such a variety of our amazing family and friends with so many different backgrounds, stories and experiences, we loved the idea of everybody putting a piece of their story and a wish for our own into our wedding rings.

The warming happens when our two rings are placed into a little drawstring bag and the Best Man (Joe) passes them around the room. Each person is asked to take a moment to pause with the rings and fuse their wishes into the precious metals for us to carry with us through life and through it's many ups and downs. The thought that almost 120 of the people we love the most in the world have all had a moment and sent us their love and their wishes into our special bands that we will be wearing for the rest of our lives, still gives me goosebumps.

Wedding warming ceremony ritual. Modern bride RUUSK rings
4.) What do you love most about your rings?

There are just too many things to choose from! The things I love the most though would have to be that firstly...they are both beautifully designed and incredibly beautiful pieces tailor-made for us and they suit us perfectly, secondly that we support and will always support local business (especially local artists!) and Tania is a local Aussie artist who we had the absolute pleasure of meeting with and who warmly guided us through the process every step of the way.

Thirdly - it would be that having something so uniquely Australian was so special to both of us. Tim and I were not born here (I'm from London originally but grew up in Aus and Tim is Irish from Cork) but to us, Australia is a huge part of our lives together and it's where we met and no matter where we end up in the world - it will always be with us in its gold and diamonds and craftsmanship.

Every day I look at my new wedding ring and think of our home and how incredible it's been to us on our journey to becoming husband and wife. 

RUUSK handmade modern heirloom jewellery. Personalised rings for him and her

5.) What excites you most about life together?

I think we're both so excited to watch each other continue to grow! We have come so far from the people we were when we met (8 years ago now!) and it's so interesting to imagine what life will throw at us next. It's just the best thing in the world to watch the person you love the most become this even more amazing, strong and driven individual through work and life in general and you just keep stoking each other's fire!

Anna and Tim's ring exchange. Handmade wedding bands by RUUSK

Wedding ceremony photos by Aoife Sullivan 

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