RUUSK COUPLES: Anneliese and Rob

Minimal, intimate and care-free would be the first three words that come to mind when describing RUUSK couple Anneliese and Rob’s Cocktail Bar Wedding. Much like their love-story, their wedding was kept simple, focussing on the purpose of the day - to celebrate their devotion and commitment to each other.

We asked Anneliese to share some moments from her and Rob’s special day, as well as some insights into their life so far, and what delights are in store for the newly married couple’s future.

How did you meet? Or, what are some of your favourite memories of each other in the early stages of dating?

We met at our local football/netball club (not very romantic ) however, Rob had reached out and I eventually agreed to a date with him. From the moment we sat down to have a coffee it was an instant connection. We ended up talking for hours about our shared interests, hobbies and passions. We both walked away knowing that we were going to be a part of each other's lives in a big way. Even to this day, we both treasure is how easy our relationship was. We were both head over heels for each other and wanted to spend as much time as we could together. 

How did Rob propose?

A: Rob proposed on my 30th birthday! I seriously did not see it coming! It was such a surprise and a special moment for sure. It was amazing to think in this new chapter of my life I would also get to be with my forever person.

R: After having the ring for a few months, I knew I wanted to propose to Anneliese and surprise her. Starting a new decade of her life in her 30's was a big thing for her. I wanted her to know that we were in it together. 

Rob proposed with our 0.5ct Diamond Wide Organic Ring personalised with a gorgeous Argyle Champagne Diamond. Anneliese then choose to pair her engagement with with our Wide Organic ring to create her timeless wedding and engagement ring stack.

We have had the pleasure of creating your beautiful engagement ring & wedding band. How has it felt to have your rings handmade for your love story?

I truly love my RUUSK engagement and wedding rings. They speak to my style and my dream to one day pass them down to future children. I love that they're classic with a twist such as the width and the champagne diamond that Rob chose to fit the band with.

On my birthday Rob actually gifted me a RUUSK chain necklace I had been pestering him for, unbeknownst to me that he would be proposing with something else from RUUSK! For our one year anniversary and in lieu of a traditional eternity band, I plan on a RUUSK pendant for the chain to commemorate our marriage.  

What was, or were some of, your favourite moments from your wedding? 

Our wedding was a very low key, last minute affair! (I bought my wedding dress 1 month out and picked it up from alternations 4 days before the wedding!)

After a late church ceremony our guests and us headed over to Bar Jayda in Melbourne. We did a standing canapes night for a party atmosphere and ditched all of the 'traditional' wedding things like cake, first dance, flowers, bridal party etc. It was exactly what we wanted, all of our favourite people, in a relaxed setting enjoying themselves. Our favourite thing about our wedding was being able to be ourselves and just have a dance and a bit of a party. Oh and also the food was amazing!  What are you both really looking forward to in your next chapter of married life?

Maybe this is boring but we are looking forward to just doing life together! 

We are planning to honeymoon in Spain & Portugal in March which will be amazing. We also love seeing parts of Australia in our campervan.

Anneliese and Rob, photographed by Naomi from @nmphotographs_


Anneliese and Rob's Wedding Suppliers:

Location: Bar Jayda | @barjayda_

Wedding Dress : Prea James Bridal | @preajames_bridal

Rings: RUUSK | @ruusk 

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