Sam's Family Heirloom Signet

RUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaSam contacted RUUSK wanting to create a modern family heirloom that not only celebrated her 30 laps around the sun, but also honoured her immediate family. As she prepared to marry Ben and change her surname late last year, each detail conveyed meaning and love for her parents and two sisters. Making sure that Sam's meaningful signet felt right with her everyday style, it was such an honour to celebrate some of the very beautiful and significant people in her world. 

Tell us about your special piece and how your ring is linked to your family

I received my gorgeous ring for my 30th birthday :) My husband and I got married just before my birthday and I wanted a special piece that represented my first family and my maiden name. All of my jewellery is sentimental and it was important for me to create an heirloom piece for our future family. My signet ring has my maiden name engraved on the inside of the band and five diamonds on the band. Each diamond represents the members of my family, my parents, my two older sisters and myself. On one side of the band are the two diamonds that represent my parents. They sit side by side as equals. On the other side of the band are the three diamonds that represent my sisters and I, going downwards on the band from oldest to youngest. RUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaWhat prompted you to create your special piece?

I have been lucky enough to inherit special pieces of jewellery from my grandmother and I wanted to create something special to pass on to our future generations. I think it's really special to have a piece of jewellery that represents my first family. We are all extremely close and every time I look down at it it makes me so proud. I know that the ring means just as much to them as it does to me. It's not just a piece of jewellery, this ring represents so much more than that.

How did you feel when you saw your piece for the first time?

The RUUSK team knew exactly what I wanted and executed it so beautifully. Opening that box for the first time made me feel so warm and fuzzy!RUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaWhat is a favourite memory you have of you and your family?

My family and I are very very close and I have so many favourite memories that I couldn't possibly pick one! We have had family dinner every single Sunday for as long as I can remember. These dinners are so important to us! It's one night a week that we all get together and enjoy each other's company and catch up. I can't talk about my favourite memories without mentioning Christmas! I'm a suuuper festive person and love the joy that comes from Christmas and spending time with family. I feel very blessed to have such a beautiful family and even more blessed now to have my husband's family to call my own too!

RUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaRUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaDid you know? You can customise many of our pieces with your choice and number of stones. Shop and customise your Signet ring here or contact us to talk about creating your unique, handmade heirloom. 

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