Jo's Mama & Baby Heart Necklace & New Moon Ring

RUUSK personalised ring with diamonds and emerald. Handmade rings in Australia

Losing her beautiful mum, Jennifer, to cancer last year, Jo contacted RUUSK to create some very special pieces in her honour. Entering her first Christmas without her beloved Mum, Jo wanted a Mama & Baby Heart Necklace to keep close to her heart, always reminding and celebrating that she will forever be her Mum's baby.

Pairing her necklace with a New Moon Ring, a modern heirloom eventually to be passed to her daughter Tully, each features an centred Emerald, Jennifers birthstone. We are absolutely honoured to be sharing Jo's heart-warming story to celebrate her hero, her very wonderful Mum. 

How are your very special pieces linked to your Mum?
My beautiful mum passed away from cancer on 2.11.2020. It was the day my heart broke and my world stopped. Mum had left me a gorgeous ring of hers, but also generously and very thoughtfully left me some money to create my own pieces in memory of her and to hand down to my own children. 
I purchased two amazing pieces from the very talented RUUSK team. I chose the emerald as the main feature in both because it’s mums birthstone. The diamonds are my birthstone. 
RUUSK Handmade rings Australia
RUUSK Handmade rings Australia
How did you feel when you saw your necklace and ring for the first time?
The first piece to arrive was my Mama and Baby Heart Pendant. I cried with joy as I admired my gorgeous piece that, once around my neck, gave me such a level of great comfort. It truly is gorgeous beyond words. At night when I’m drifting off to sleep I hold both hearts in one hand and think of beautiful memories of my mum and hope that I meet her in my dreams that night. Just when I thought I wouldn’t see anything more beautiful my New Moon Ring arrived.
My daughter Tully (11) and I opened it together in mums special place so she could be there too. It was very emotional. My daughter and I cried together as we admired the truly stunning ring that would one day be passed down to her. Both these pieces give me great comfort on days I’m really struggling with the loss of my mum.

What is a favourite memory you have of you and your mum?
I have two great memories of mum and I. The first would be having her there for the birth of my children, her grandchildren, which were her pride and joy. She was so proud of them all. 
The second would be having mum walk me down the aisle with my Dad. My wedding day was one of the greatest days of my life with my most favourite people there to celebrate with.
RUUSK Handmade rings Australia RUUSK Handmade rings Australia
What is the most important lesson your mum has taught you? And what lessons from your mum would you like to pass down to your daughter?
My mum has been the greatest teacher I’ve ever had. Forgiveness is a hard thing to do but my mum taught me how to do it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and my mum was always the first to forgive. She taught me to support those I love through good times, bad times, ups and downs. She taught me the importance of family and sharing family time. Christmas was always mums favourite time of year which made it ours as well. We just had our first Christmas without mum but I think she would have been proud of the day we put together under such sad circumstances.
All of these values I hope to pass on to my own children and plenty more that mum has taught me along the way. Grief is traumatic and has no end date but Tania and the team at RUUSK gave me beautiful, cherished pieces that keep mum close to me every minute of every day.
I’m forever grateful for the journey I travelled with my mum for 44 years. Forever loved and forever missed.  RUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaDid you know? You can customise many of our pieces with your choice and number of stones. Shop and customise your special piece here or contact us to talk about creating your unique, handmade heirloom. 

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