Tania Gnecchi Ruscone is a multifaceted creative experienced in graphic, ceramic and jewellery design. Having lived in Milan, The Hague, and Sydney, her style is a perfect fusion of modern simplicity and traditional artisan design.

Tania’s desire to create meaningful and intimate objects inspired her to launch RUUSK, a jewellery studio that crafts handmade heirlooms with recycled and mindfully sourced precious materials.
Her designs are intended for kind souls who want to express their unique beauty and spirit while embodying their personal histories and stories. Each consciously designed piece aims to inspire an emotional connection that stands the test of time.

“Designing for life is my motto. It’s about striving to create meaningful pieces that withstand trends and time, those pieces that you wear with love and which, in a way, become a part of you. This is what inspires me.” - Tania Gnecchi Ruscone

As the daughter of a South American mother and Italian father, Tania’s adolescence was marked by travel. Her family home was adorned with collections of meaningful items gathered from their expeditions and included paintings, books, statues, and artefacts from around the world.  

This eclectic home environment had a deep impact on the way Tania thought about possessions and the physical and psychological space they occupy in our lives. It inspired a lifelong fascination about the relationships we have to the items we own, and the unique power they have to become an intimate extension of ourselves and our story.

RUUSK embraces this power of emotion and expression by creating unique custom pieces that can be worn daily and passed on through generations.  

RUUSK is based in Newcastle, Australia.