Tania Gnecchi-Ruscone is a versatile creative skilled in graphic design, ceramics, and jewellery design. Her international upbringing, having lived in Milan, The Hague, and Sydney, has left an indelible mark on her style, shaping her ethos to blend modern minimalism with time-honoured artisan designs.

Growing up in Australia, in a South American-Italian household adorned with souvenirs from her parents' global adventures, Tania developed a lifelong fascination with the stories behind personal possessions. Through RUUSK, a jewellery studio that handcrafts heirlooms using recycled and mindfully sourced materials, Tania translates her heritage and worldly quests. 

In Tania's words, “Creating meaningful pieces that withstand trends and time, pieces worn with love and that become a part of you - this is what inspires me.”

Much of Tania’s philosophy has been inspired by pieces worn by her mother and grandmother who both undoubtedly play a big role in Tania’s passion for jewellery. 

Tania designs each piece as a vessel for personal storytelling and encourages us to curate a meaningful collection of modern heirlooms to celebrate our stories & loved ones.

Tania now lives by the ocean, between Sydney and Newcastle with her daughter Noa, husband Nick and their border collie Cosmo.